Super Tuesday Speed Dating

02/06/2008 06:13 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Politics rarely comes into play during the first three minutes of my blind dates, but it did on Tuesday when I participated in's Super Tuesday speed dating event. is one of my favorite new online dating sites, because it cuts to the chase quickly. It connects people for three-minute webcam speed dates, and even provides fun questions to break the ice.

On Super Tuesday, with the nation biting its fingernails as delegates were doled out right before our eyes, presented daters with politically-themed ice breaker questions presented on screen during each speed date. I thought I'd give it a shot -- with politics as the theme of the night, at least I knew there would be something to talk about.

When I think about breaking the ice, I usually don't think, "Let's talk about politics!" I usually ponder how long it'll take the waiter to bring our cocktails, or try to attempt to ignore the fact my date is wearing pleated slacks. But this night was different.

My first of ten dates began when a wide-eyed, dimpled-cheeked 27 year-old popped up on my screen, eager to play in the political sandbox. Sure, but I might throw sand in his eye if he started to get fresh with me. He sprung one of the ice breaker questions on me as soon as we introduced ourselves.

"Which candidate would make the worst Valentine's Date?"

I had never thought about this one before! Well, worst date for Valentine's? My vote went to Huckabee. His, Giuliani. Usually that would be strike one given that Giuliani isn't a candidate anymore. However, I chose to forgive him in light of his candor. Our conversation went something like this:

"Giuliani?" *head tilt*

"Sure, Picture it. Intimate Italian restaurant. I'd get drunk on wine, go home with him, and he'd never call me, AWK-WARD!!!"

Yes, I also question Giuliani's relationship track record. Giuliani, in his younger days, might have been just that kind of guy...

"I'd never sleep with someone on the first date," I proudly declare.


"Um, yeah..."

I hastily click Ice Breaker #2.

"Who would get more matches on SpeedDate, Hillary or Obama?"

Me: Obama

Him: Hillary

Our decisions are swift and firm. After a quick discussion about how sexy Obama's smile is, and how desperate men are, we come to a mutual understanding. Politics have once again been the highlight of a brief yet meaningful interaction, yet I vote no. I'm holding out a bit longer to make a match. The following date asks me who I voted for. As soon as I answer I learn that it is possible to end the date before three minutes is up.

I open my third date with the ice breaker: "Would you vote for me for President?" Nice. He answers yes - but only if I promise tax breaks for successful Silicon Valley Engineers. Uh, no. But, nice try anyway.

We discuss why he didn't vote, and why he is still single. I don't have the heart to tell him that profile pictures, like the one he uses, should never be of one wearing spandex. On the floor. Exercising. With his legs in the air. I'm not kidding.

We didn't match.

You're probably wondering if I made a match with anyone. I made a few, one in particular I hope works out. I'm a sucker for wit, and this guy had it down. The ice breaker was: "If you got matched on a SpeedDate with Mitt Romney, what pickup line would you use?" He pauses a few seconds and then answers: "It's no coincidence your name is Mitt, because I think you're a catch." I'm immediately hooked. Thanks,, for lightening up my Super Tuesday and for finding me a potential Valentine's Day date!