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Frank DeGiacomo
Frank DeGiacomo has worked for an end to oppression on the behalf of the the powerless and less privileged his entire life. He has been involved in a plethora of causes and campaigns for a number of organizations in a variety of venues.

In this process he has studied political science and law, and has worked at different levels of government. He has both a holistic understanding of how social change occurs in the U.S., as well as a clear view of what happens when the rubber meets the road on the pathway to real change.

Entries by Frank DeGiacomo

How Hawaii Government Can Work Again

(1) Comments | Posted February 5, 2014 | 7:50 AM

I hear so much worry and hand wringing over the Citizen's United Supreme Court decision, which, simply put, said that laws could not limit the amounts of money used to support or denounce individual candidates in elections. So rich people and big corporations, "Have at it!," says the highest court...

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Maggie Q. Makes X-Mas Pardon Plea for Pound Animals

(1) Comments | Posted December 23, 2013 | 8:53 AM


Maggie Q., star of the TV series Nikita, and Mililani High graduate, has made an appeal on behalf of less fortunate animals set to be killed Christmas Eve Day at the Hawaiian Humane Society pound.

She asks that people, "IMMEDIATELY contact Mayor...

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The Next Wave: HI Grassroots Activists

(0) Comments | Posted November 25, 2013 | 2:55 PM

You know, I've been at this social change stuff for a while. I really have not been at it as long as some, but still more than others -- enough to have mentored a lot of grassroots activists that's for dang sure (Do I sound old yet?). So I was...

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How Hawaii's Marriage Equality Struggle Has Helped the Left Find What It Lost

(5) Comments | Posted November 11, 2013 | 8:45 AM

Many years ago I asked famed women's rights leader Gloria Steinem how she ended up marching with the anti-war movement, the farm workers movement, the anti-nuclear movement, and so on. Her answer was simple, yet poignant: "We all recognized the underlying common thread of oppression." The political Left, in the...

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The Pope + Hispanics = The End of Days... for Republicans as We Know Them Today

(0) Comments | Posted September 30, 2013 | 3:52 PM

There is a shift of Biblical proportions happening to the electoral landscape of this country. It appears to be an uncontested Census projection that self-identified Hispanics will make up one out of every three people in 2060. Even before that happens, the U.S. is projected to become a...

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Molasses and Hawaii's Environmental Blind Spot

(10) Comments | Posted September 23, 2013 | 3:25 PM

Two hundred thirty-three thousand gallons of molasses flowed into Honolulu Harbor. Thousands of sea creatures suffocated to death. It's a mess to be sure -- similar to oil spills, as many have pointed out. What has been done about preventing oil spills? Double-hulled tankers...

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Why Hawaii Is the Most Liberal State in the Country

(20) Comments | Posted September 17, 2013 | 12:44 PM

Forget Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, and California. Hawaii is the most liberal state in the U.S. This falls under the category of "what Hawaii can teach the world."

Currently, Governor Abercrombie called for a special session of the Legislature just to approve gay marriage. The left here is still scarred that...

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How deOccupy Honolulu 'Speaks'

(3) Comments | Posted September 8, 2013 | 7:22 AM

"deOccupy" is the Honolulu version of the Occupy Movement. The "de" stands for "colonizers quit oppressing indigenous people -- (a.k.a `Hawaiians'"). You might have noticed them in Thomas Square Park -- lots of signs and some tents. Across the street in front of them is the Honolulu Museum of Art,...

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