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Not Calling Lies "Lies" Is a Kind of Lying

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The Huffington Post currently has a story with this headline: "Another GOP Strategist Gets 9/11 Timing Wrong."

We won't see all the easily-deceived, fearful American voters who keep voting Republican against their own interests begin to vote sensibly until we start calling Republican lies "lies."

Mary Matalin, whose lying is the subject of the story, is neither stupid nor ignorant. She is not in confusion about the facts. She did not "get the timing wrong." She lied. She lied for political advantage. She lied to frighten and rile: to deceive. "Lie, liar, lied, lying" -- these are very good, clear words and they are exactly the right words for the things they define. For us to keep euphemizing with mealy-mouthed faux-bipartisanship "niceness" is to continue our inexplicable collusion in the lying. Please, please let us begin calling lies lies. This is how the Huffpost headline should read: "Another Republican Strategist Lies About 9/11 Timing."

The liars will hiss and spin, but they can't be more offended by our calling them liars than we are by their lies. If we catch them lying, we must say it, prove it, repeat the charge with proof as many times as they repeat their lies (incessantly), and then move on to expose their next lie.

If we catch a Democrat lying, we should be even quicker and stronger to expose and condemn. Let them be the Party of Lies, and let us not be afraid to call attention to the jaw-dropping scale of their achievement.