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Frank Fitzpatrick
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Frank Fitzpatrick has proven himself to be a creative visionary and committed advocate for transforming the human spirit through music and film. As a multi­-platinum selling record producer, Grammy-­nominated songwriter, social entrepreneur and award-­winning filmmaker, he has created the soundtracks for over two-­dozen films, produced countless programs and sold over six million albums. At the heart of his work is the mastery of creativity and maximizing engagement through the technologies of emotion.

A delegate to the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship and columnist for the Huffington Post, Fitzpatrick believes it is essential to build a bridge between the worlds of technology, media, and the arts to address humanity's grand challenges, especially in the areas of education, health and cultural diplomacy. He has presented numerous talks and programs, including keynotes at TEDxSDSU, Singularity University, Shanghai Film Academy, Berlin Film Festival, SXSWedu and TEDxFIAP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Fitzpatrick was recently honored as a 2013 Ciudad de las Ideas Gifted Citizen for creating the WHY Music Initiative.

As Founder and Director of the non-profit EarthTones, Fitzpatrick focuses on creating programs that make a positive contribution to our world. His experience across the business, social and entertainment sectors allows him to provide organizations with creative solutions and integrated strategies for impacting large audiences. Current EarthTones projects include Amazing – a film partnership between the NBA and Shanghai Film Group with an audience of over 50 million people across China, and WHY Music - a multi-platform social venture designed to help people more effectively harness the power of music to improve learning, creativity and well-being.

In addition to his work with Hollywood successes such as Friday, Jump In!, The Larry Sanders Show, Pirates of Silicon Valley and the billion-­dollar Scary Movie franchise, Detroit-­born Fitzpatrick has worked extensively in the nonprofit sector and healing arts. His work with musical pioneers like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, K’Naan and Ziggy Marley, as well as other global thought leaders, has further strengthened his commitment to using music and creativity as catalysts for cultivating higher levels of intelligence, adaptability and compassion in the world.

Entries by Frank Fitzpatrick

Why Music: The Secret Sauce of Success

(0) Comments | Posted March 17, 2015 | 11:58 AM

"I feel like music training lead to the high-speed legacy of Google for me.''- Larry Page, CEO

Apple clearly took the lead over competing internet giants when it came to selling digital downloads and mp3 players, but that doesn't mean that music wasn't an essential ingredient in the building of...

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WHY Music: Song of the Year

(0) Comments | Posted January 9, 2015 | 9:55 AM

I have shared the story of the Goddess Voce who, according to the Vedic legend, sang the world into existence; the tale about the mothers in the West African tribe who give each newborn their identity with their own unique song; and the film, Alive Inside,...

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Why Music: Telling the Story of Music and the Mind

(0) Comments | Posted November 25, 2014 | 2:47 PM

Meet Una Vida -- a jazz singer from New Orleans confronted with the daunting challenge of caring for herself as her mind and memory start to slip away. Meet Alice -- a renowned Columbia linguistics professor starting to lose her mastery of the words that once defined her. Meet Henry...

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The 3Ms Revolution: Three Keys to a Healthier, Happier Life

(1) Comments | Posted November 3, 2014 | 8:33 AM

While I was preparing for a conference last year, the host called me to offer some sound advice: "Give them something simple enough that they can write it down on a sticky note." I was doing a presentation on ways to enhance your creativity and sense of vitality, so, with...

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WHY Music: Dharmony and the Essence of Who We Are

(0) Comments | Posted September 3, 2014 | 3:36 PM

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in complete harmony. -- Mahatma Gandhi

A few weeks ago my dear friend and teacher Kavindra called me from Vancouver, excited to share a new discovery he had made. Jeffrey (Kavindra Rishi) Armstrong is, among other...

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WHY Music: Piano & the Crypt -- Transforming the Energy of Space

(0) Comments | Posted July 30, 2014 | 8:38 PM

As I entered the towering halls of the renowned Canterbury Cathedral, my heart became surprisingly heavy. While the architecture was nothing short of breathtaking, and the rich history (founded 597) and mythical stories had me brimming with curiosity, the energy of the space felt quite unsettling.

Walking past the...

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Intelligence Having Fun: A Multi-Player Game to Re-Define Creativity

(0) Comments | Posted July 18, 2014 | 8:45 AM

It is a cloudy UK Sunday, and I'm looking out my train window across the scenic British countryside. I'm in route from to London from Canterbury, where I spent the past couple days with an international group of experts from academia and industry to explore the potential of video games...

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WHY Music: Bridging the Cultural Divide

(0) Comments | Posted June 6, 2014 | 3:52 AM

I had an amazing musical journey last week. While this isn't so uncommon for me, considering the abundance of opportunities I have to experience, create and learn about the infinite layers of beauty and intelligence inherent in this thing we call music, I remain eternally grateful. Music is one of...

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Maya's Words -- Music to My Ears

(0) Comments | Posted May 30, 2014 | 12:06 PM

"Music was my refuge.
I could crawl into the space between the notes
and curl my back to loneliness
- Maya Angelou

With her transition still fresh, my heart is filled with the resonating voice of the great late Maya Angelou. Countless admirers and...

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WHY Music: Creativity and Music - The Next Evolution

(0) Comments | Posted May 13, 2014 | 11:04 AM

What do Beethoven, Einstein, Da Vinci and Plato have in common?


Music was integral to their creative mastery and something they each saw as essential to the fulfillment of our highest potential as human beings.

We are clearly in good company when we speak...

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WHY Music: The New Power Shake -- Blending Creativity, Well-Being and Learning

(0) Comments | Posted March 4, 2014 | 1:34 AM

As the world continues to spin in more unpredictable and exponential ways, the worlds of ideas-once-separated are being tossed into the same blender.

What is great about the omnipotent ingredient of music is that music is the juice that can make it all work together: cognitive and social development, motivation...

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WHY Music: Music With A Heart

(0) Comments | Posted February 3, 2014 | 2:30 PM

"A song will outlive all sermons in the memory." - Henry Giles

It isn't difficult to recognize the power of song. It takes just a few moments to recall those tunes that have stayed with us through our lives, or marked important moments in our personal evolution and relationships, whether...

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WHY Music: Songs in the Key of Life

(0) Comments | Posted January 20, 2014 | 3:32 PM

I remember, like it was yesterday, taking that road trip with my friends, Gerry & Marsha, to my hometown, Detroit, to hear Stevie Wonder perform at Cobo Hall. Cobo was a big hockey arena built for the Red Wings on the edge of the Detroit Riverfront - the same river...

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Music and Gratitude: The Gifts That Keep On Giving

(1) Comments | Posted December 9, 2013 | 12:32 PM

"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." - Fredrich Nietzsche

Last night I attended a rare concert by Johnny Mandel at Vitello's Jazz and Supper Club in Los Angeles. Although he may be less of a public figure than today's pop stars, Johnny is a musical...

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Expanding Beyond the Perimeter

(0) Comments | Posted November 26, 2013 | 7:51 PM

I awake to a cloudy autumn morning 15 stories above the heart of Toronto's Arts District. I am a bit tired from an all-night event called La Nuit Blanche. Fashioned after the original exhibition in Paris, La Nuit Blanche is a citywide spectacle where local citizens and tourists take over...

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WHY Music: Redefining the 'M' in STEM

(2) Comments | Posted September 30, 2013 | 6:16 PM

Music is essential to the optimal cognitive development and successful education of young people. Recent discoveries in neuroscience and long-term studies on the impact of music and arts on education make the case for including music in early education not only easy to understand, but indisputable [1]. And these scientific...

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WHY Music: Music Appreciation for the 21st Century

(0) Comments | Posted September 26, 2013 | 12:00 PM

When I attended elementary school in Detroit, we had music class once a week. My teacher, Mrs. Keppel, would play songs on the piano to a fairly disinterested group of students and attempt to get us to sing along. For kids who wanted more, the public school offered some private...

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WHY Music? Defining Who We Are Through Music

(1) Comments | Posted July 8, 2013 | 12:32 PM

At some point in our lives, we have all heard phrases like, "Find your true voice," "Sing your own song," or "Dance to the rhythm of your own drum." There is also a good chance these words have come from people who care about us and who want to help...

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Why Music, Part 10: Music and Film

(0) Comments | Posted June 11, 2013 | 3:41 PM

"The eye takes a person into the world. The ear brings the world into a human being." -- Lorenze Oken

Ever since my childhood in Detroit -- immersed in the sounds of Motown and classic Rock and R&B, music had been at the center of my life. With live...

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Why Music, Part 9: Music and Spirituality

(4) Comments | Posted May 3, 2013 | 6:01 PM

"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life." -- Ludwig van Beethoven

Although I was raised Irish Catholic, much of my deeper understanding of spirituality comes from studying more ancient teachings of the Vedas and my yoga practice. That said, the most consistent and dependable way I've...

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