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Can Senator Merkley's Energy Intervention Break Our Addiction to Oil?

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While many greens (you know who you are) are mourning the death of the cap and renewable energy standard as announced by Senate Majority
Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Senator Merkley (D-OR) is carrying the flame of energy legislation with his Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act.

The big prize -- economy-wide carbon reduction legislation -- is dead in the Senate, quite possibly for the foreseeable future.  Can we address energy in a
significant way without one?  Merkley's plan is focused on getting off foreign oil, which "come[s] from nations that too often do not share our goals or values."

Merkley's Plan B -- including deploying electric vehicles, shifting freight from trucks to rail and ramping up natural gas -- could reduce our dependence on oil by eight million barrels per day by the year 2030 in his own best estimates.  But US demand for oil is expected to hit 27.6 million barrels per day by that year, giving us about a 28% decrease in oil use, less than what some experts think is necessary. 

LISTEN to Merkley's proposal:

React to Merkley's plan.  Let us know what you think at Planet Forward.

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