Ward 5 Democrats Seek Renewal With September Election

10/03/2011 11:41 am ET | Updated Dec 03, 2011

On Monday, September 26th, the Ward 5 Democrats held elections to elect Officers of the organization. Elections were initially scheduled for June 27th, but were postponed at the June 27th meeting due to some residents of the Ward claiming that the elections would be illegal because proper notice was not given to residents of the Ward about the elections. A similar argument was brought up at the September 26th meeting, but this time, the elections continued and those few arguing in favor of postponement were told to follow a process to challenge the elections. The unofficial outcome of the September 26th elections give Air Force Veteran, and former 1st Vice Chair of the organization, Robert Vinson Brannum (86 votes), an overwhelming victory over his two rivals, former Chair Angel Alston (33 votes), and write-in candidate William Boston (27 votes). While the election turnout wasn't impressive, the elections brought out Ward luminaries, including two Council Members from the Ward, Harry Thomas Jr. and Vincent Orange, and a few reporters. The Ward 5 Democrats, a member organization of the DC Democratic State Committee, is the official Democratic Organization of the residents of Ward 5. With over 90% of the Ward voting population registered Democrat, one can see why some pay attention to this election. Many people in the Ward came out to vote, looking for the change that drives voters to the polls during any election. This change is what outgoing Chairman Alston wanted to convince voters she could bring to the organization, if reelected for another term. Unfortunately, it is difficult to convince people you can bring the change they want, when you represent the core reason for seeking that change. As for Mr. Robert Vinson Brannum, who has moved up a notch to occupy the top position of the organization, with an election challenge looming, a potential call for an investigation, and with questionable institutional support, it appears Chairman Brannum is off to a bumpy start.

Here are the unofficial results of the Ward 5 Democrats officer elections held at Israel Baptist Church, in the North East part of the city, on Monday, September 26, 2011.