California Boycott -- Fighting Back Against Hate

07/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As gay and lesbian couples express their love and commitment through
weddings, an extremely well funded campaign has placed an initiative
constitutional amendment on the November 4th ballot to define marriage
as only between a man and a woman. They spent millions to qualify
this amendment, and have vowed to raise in excess of $20 million to
remove marriage equality in California.

Much of the money to qualify the initiative constitutional amendment
came from within our own San Diego County. We feel that if these
individuals, businesses, and organizations so adamantly desire to take
away our right to marry, then the LGBT community, our families and our
friends should fight back against these purveyors of hate.

Therefore, we will wage a campaign to disseminate the truth about who
funded the qualification of the initiative and who is funding the
campaign itself. We propose to take action against the businesses of
those who fund the effort to harm us. We will identify these
individuals and companies on our web site: as soon as their names become
available to us. We will broadcast the information all over the
country to make sure that our friends and allies throughout the United
States know the identity of those who have contributed vast sums of
money to oppose our freedom to marry.

Californians Against Hate is organized as a California nonprofit
public benefit corporation, exempt from taxation under section
501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is completely independent
and not affiliated with Equality for All, which is the official
campaign committee opposing the amendment in November. Our funding
will come from individuals who believe that the truth should be known
about those funding the campaign of hate.

Our effort will kick off on Friday, July 18, 2008 at 1:00 pm in San
Diego with a demonstration and boycott announcement against one of the
largest donors to qualify this Amendment, Doug Manchester, CEO of the
Manchester Financial Group of San Diego Mr.
Manchester saw fit to contribute $125,000.00 this year to take away
marriage equality in California.

We will launch our web site at that time,
and begin our effort to persuade fair minded people not to patronize
Mr. Manchester's two hotels in San Diego County, the Manchester Grand
in downtown San Diego and The Grand
Del Mar Golf Resort & Spa
in Del Mar.

If our opponents are steadfast in their desire to take away our
freedom to marry, then we will fight back. We do not want to
financially support any business owned by supporters of this hateful
initiative constitutional amendment that would then be used against

This country was founded on the principle of liberty and justice for
all. Our opponents have every right to contribute vast sums of money
to take away our rights, and we have every right to fight back, and we