08/05/2010 03:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Guest Post by Director Reed Cowan

There are two little boys at my feet right now. I'm typing on my keyboard as one pulls on my left foot saying the word "toe" over and over. He's learning to speak.

The other one, his twin brother who is just two years old -- like clockwork knows we are approaching the lunch hour and through pursed lips he's asking: "PLEASE!"

My home today is much like many homes in the United States of America. Here, we are a family just like any other.

We've lived through triumph and tragedy, my little family.

Four years ago we lost a child to a horrible back yard swing set accident.

That child's name is Wesley -- and when he died in his mother's back yard, I didn't know if I would live through the grief.

But I did survive -- because of my partner Gregory... and the memory of that little boy who first called me daddy.

The people who populate my home, are why I made 8: The Mormon Proposition, and why I fight for full marriage equality.

Especially my children.

My children -- and the thousands of other children whose lives were negatively affected by those who paid for and promoted the shameful ballot measure we knew as 8.

You don't hear a lot about children in the discussion of Proposition 8.

But it's important as we celebrate and look to the next steps in our fight for full marriage equality that we keep steadfastly in our minds -- the children who now or in the future will populate our lives and our homes.

It is because of my work to help children -- whether they be my own or those who attend the schools in Kenya I've helped build for AIDS orphans -- that I was overjoyed in reading Judge Walker's findings on same-sex parents.

 sexual orientation of an individual does not determine whether that 
individual can be a good parent. Children raised by gay or lesbian 
parents are as likely as children raised by heterosexual parents to be 
healthy, successful and well-adjusted.

Judge Walker's ruling was not only an affirmation of the validity of my own family, but it was also an endorsement of the most important job I'll ever have. To be a daddy.

When you compare the hundreds of thousands of children in the United States who live in foster care to the precious few of us in the LGBT community who are able to adopt -- it is shameful to count the opposition who work to bar people like myself and Gregory from giving these children loving and abundant homes.

It pisses me off.

I've often said of these "hounds of Hell" who work against my family that until they themselves are willing to give one of these thousands of children a home through adoption or foster care, they should shut up about my family.

But they wont.

Not even those hounds who congregate in the Mormon Church of my birth.

Insiders have already told me this morning, that the Mormons plan on working with their front groups and allies all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States and to Congress if they have to in order to strip rights away from my children.

Yes. My children.

Proposition 8 and measures like it not only strip away the rights of myself and Gregory -- they strip away the rights that my children would be benefactors of if bigotry didn't flourish in a field of green 501c3 cash.

This battle has been won. But the war is far from over.

As we march forward to face what is likely to be a well-funded appeals process, it's my prayer that we put a little fire in each footstep for kids. Kids like my kids... who deserve to be raised in homes that will one day be the benefactors of full marriage equality for all.

Reed Cowan
Director, Writer & Producer of 8: The Mormon Proposition

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