10/03/2013 02:59 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The Republican Coup d'etat of 2013

If the Republicans force the president to back down on Obamacare, how do they propose to stop millions of uninsured Americans from abusing emergency rooms that cost the remaining insured population much more than subsidizing insurance pool participation?

If I am going to subsidize the health of another, I would much rather do it less expensively before their procrastination worsens their illness and forces them into the rear of the hospital. It is much more efficient and less costly to treat illnesses through the front door of the hospital.

What is the conservative answer? What is their alternative? Hello... May I have a witness please? We're waiting! The silence is deafening!

The current system is more expensive and less effective for millions of Americans and certainly unfair to the insured and the uninsured.

I answer "DUH" to those who complain that Obamacare will bring on socialized medicine. Reality check... We've enjoyed the benefits of socialized medicine since the Johnson administration and today, millions of Americans are benefiting from it. I qualified for it on October 1st. It's called Medicare.

We have had some form of government sponsored health care since the days of Plymouth Colony in the 1600s. Study the early Indian wars and also the more recent history of the evolution of the Veterans Administration.

I have friends in Canada and in the United Kingdom. My friends there are healthier than their American counterpart and contrary to American rhetoric, they have more than one type of plan. There are private and state paid doctors. These health care systems have their issues but the overall way the least fortunate are treated is far better than the American system (pre Obama care).

Again, I am waiting for the Republicans to come up with a better plan than forcing you and I to provide the poorest Americans with the most expensive health care through the emergency room door after its too late to help many of them.

It's time for Republicans to accept reality. They lost the last two presidential elections, and elections have consequences. National Health care is the law of the land, the mechanisms of law creation are cut in stone. Bills are debated and votes are taken and the minority speaks out but eventually, the majority rules.

A group of haters who were elected with the promise of shutting government down have invaded the legislative process by appealing to lowest angels within the souls of voters. These members of Congress, I call the "Hating 80" have taken the American government hostage.

All who forced the government to shut down have violated the very systems of government they were elected to protect. They have turned governance against itself and caused it to implode into anarchy, which goes far beyond civil disobedience and into the realm of a coup d'etat.

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