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HP's Latest Global Citizenship Report Highlights IT's Potential For Global Change

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As evidenced by last year's COP15 summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, the information and communications (ICT) industry stands at the center of a sphere of influence on the global economy, environmental change and human rights. Based on the leading IT companies' size, expertise and intellectual property at hand, there is an explicit opportunity to drive the agenda on a variety of global business and human issues, and much of this can be achieved through robust global citizenship programs.

On Thursday, April 8, HP published its Global Citizenship Report for FY09, a comprehensive and in-depth summary of the company's activities and achievements in corporate and social responsibility in the past 12 months. The report covers HP's work in a variety of areas, including environmental sustainability, ethics and compliance, human rights, social innovation and corporate governance. In addition to presenting the pillars of our corporate and social responsibility ethos, the report contains a wealth of information on the progress of our activities across global citizenship, as well as providing specific case studies on how our work has taken hold across the globe.

No other IT company provides the scope of products, services and solutions to the variety of customers that HP does, from individual consumers to governments to the largest enterprises. Our expertise, size and influence give HP a unique opportunity to drive the agenda on global corporate responsibility through influencing our own business ecosystem, as well as those of multiple industries. In March, Corporate Responsibility Magazine awarded HP's leadership by naming us #1 on its 11th annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens list, the world's most-recognized corporate responsibility ranking - climbing from fifth on the previous year's edition of the list.

HP's global citizenship programs are expansive and diverse. In the social innovation arena in developing countries, 2009 saw continued growth of the HP/UNESCO Brain Gain Initiative, turning Africa's "brain drain" (70,000 African scholars and experts leave their countries every year) into a "brain gain." The program allows university faculty and students to engage in real-time scientific collaboration from their home countries through grid technology and cloud computing. Last year, HP expanded the program from five universities to 20 higher education institutions throughout the Middle East and Africa, and the company's goal is to connect 100 universities via grid technology by 2011.

In the education space, HP's GET-IT (Graduate Entrepreneurship Training through IT) program is one of our flagship social innovation initiatives, helping young unemployed people, including graduates - aged 16 to 25 - acquire the business and IT skills to enter professional life or to create their own businesses. The GET-IT training initiative operates in 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and comprises a network of 100 GET-IT training centers.

We also operate the IT industry's largest global supply chain in size and reach, and last year the average number of major supplier non-conformances per facility decreased 40 percent from the first to the most recent audit. In 2009 we conducted 104 supplier site audits, bringing the total number of such audits the company has performed since 2005 to 590, and continue to hold our entire roster of suppliers to our own progressive standards.

Finally, HP is the world's leading practitioner of the Green Screen tool. This tool, developed by the NGO Clean Production Action, is an open source tool used to identify substances that are inherently less hazardous for humans and the environment. It enables informed decisions to substitute materials eliminated from IT products. We are championing wider acceptance of the Green Screen within industry, the environmental NGO community and regulatory bodies.

In focusing our efforts on these areas comprising our global citizenship agenda, HP is leveraging the power of information, and using IT and our corporate and social responsibility leadership to change the equation and help create a more efficient, equitable, environmentally responsible and humane world. We understand the massive potential of the intersection of innovation, technology and progressive corporate responsibility practices to drive this transition. In 2010, we look forward to the continued success of the programs and practices we've enacted, as well as develop new, impactful initiatives that have the opportunity to realize IT's full potential on a global scale.