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LiveBlogging the Kid Nation Finale: At Last, Greg Can Go Home and Masturbate in Private

(9) Comments | Posted December 13, 2007 | 12:08 PM

Read the finale liveblog and more over at!

8:00: Season Finale! This is it, you guys. After all the heartache, cholera, and broken Conestoga wagon axles, we've gotten to the end of our journey. Well, we've gotten to the beginning of the end of our journey. The...

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LiveBlogging Kid Nation: Daring to Go Where a Bunch of Men Have Gone Before

(7) Comments | Posted December 6, 2007 | 2:13 PM

8:00: Tonight's episode: "Where's Bonanza, Dude?" Since the titles tend to signify the theme of the show, I'm glad to see that we've finally gotten to the "children dealing with poor senses of direction and bad diction" episode.

8:01: Sophia (14-FL) has taken a piece of rope and marked off...

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LiveBlogging Kid Nation: The Children Are, Unfortunately, Our Future

(9) Comments | Posted November 29, 2007 | 2:37 PM

Please find the liveblog of Kid Nation over at its new home,

8:00: This episode is called "I Just Like the Recess Part." If the episode is going to be about school, and I assume it is going to be about school, surely there is a simpler, cleverer...

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LiveBlogging Kid Nation: Democracy Inaction

(6) Comments | Posted November 22, 2007 | 1:04 PM

Read the Kid Nation liveblog in its new home, on 23/6.

8:00: This week's episode is titled "Let Me Talk," but it should be called "Let Me Write About This From My Parents' Kitchen Table." It's Thanksgiving, you guys. You should be with your families. Instead you are reading...

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LiveBlogging Kid Nation: United We Stand, Divided We Bore

(10) Comments | Posted November 15, 2007 | 2:55 PM

Read the Kid Nation liveblog in its new home, on 23/6.

8:00: This episode is titled "Not Even Close to Fair." I hope the theme-based showdown involves Darfur.

8:01: Laurel (12-MA) comments that four people in the Green District have won gold stars, which is way more gold stars...

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LiveBlogging Kid Nation: Kids Imitate Art

(6) Comments | Posted November 8, 2007 | 11:30 AM

8:00: This week's episode is titled "Starved for Entertainment," which would have been a perfectly fine episode title near the beginning of the season when it would have been a cute description of bored children stuck in the desert. At this point, when we know the children are actually starved...

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LiveBlogging "Kid Nation": Time Is Candy

(8) Comments | Posted November 1, 2007 | 12:16 PM

8:00: This week's episode: "The Root of All Evil". We get right to it, Divad (11-GA) opens a snack bar. So the root of all evil is snacks, guys. Snacks in Bonanza City consist of "cinnamon bread" and pickles. Also, as many slices of canned apple as you can fit...

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LiveBlogging Kid Nation: Save a Polar Bear, Ride an Eskimo

(17) Comments | Posted October 25, 2007 | 1:04 PM

8:00: This week's episode is titled "Bonanza Is Disgusting." I agree. But while the title is talking about the garbage, I am talking about the children. AKA, the human garbage.

8:01: Recently deposed Town Council member Taylor (10-GA) claims she is putting pressure on Zach (10-FL) in retaliation for all...

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LiveBlogging "Kid Nation": All the President's Kids

(13) Comments | Posted October 18, 2007 | 12:41 PM

8:00: Previously on Kid Nation: Remember the non-denominational religious service from last week? Apparently that taught us that "kids prefer to be asked not told." I think it actually taught us that kids prefer root beer shooters to an ungrounded tribute to God led by other kids. This week's episode...

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LiveBlogging "Kid Nation": Gold Stars and Jews, What?

(22) Comments | Posted October 11, 2007 | 2:02 PM

8:01 This week's episode is titled "Bless Us and Keep Us Safe." That sounds an awful lot like the bible. And the first thing we see is Morgan (12-IN): "Sophia, do you think God put us here for a reason?" Sophia (14-FL): "God, I stopped believing in God a while...

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LiveBlogging Kid Nation: Law & Order K-12

(6) Comments | Posted October 4, 2007 | 1:04 PM

8:00: The host's voiceover recaps the previous two weeks: "The kids split into four districts, faced off in a showdown to determine who would be the upper-class and who'd clean latrines." You know who else has separated into districts to face off in a showdown to determine who will be...

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Live Blogging Kid Nation: In Cold Blood

(13) Comments | Posted September 27, 2007 | 1:07 PM

8:03 PM: The title of this week's episode is "To Kill or Not to Kill?" because kids are precious and darling and innocent and blood-thirsty.

8:04: Bonanza City. The children are harvesting eggs. One kid says "that is so awesome." About an egg. It's true. Eggs are awesome. Also awesome:...

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LiveBlogging "Kid Nation"

(24) Comments | Posted September 20, 2007 | 12:42 PM

8PM: The premier of Kid Nation. CBS reminds us that it's the "most talked about series of the fall." Yes, because of the whole bleach drinking thing. Oh, and the circumventing of child labor laws. "Judge for yourself." Too late. I judge it a winner.

8:01: OK, I'm sorry, but...

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Strangers on a Terror Train

(28) Comments | Posted August 8, 2007 | 5:54 PM

Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have started a new blog on the New York Times website based on their best-selling book, Freakonomics, and incorporating some of the up-to-the-minute statistical thinking applied to current events that they displayed in their regular NYT column. In a post today, Levitt...

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Caroline Giuliani Favors Barack Obama: Guess Who's Voting to Dinner?

(6) Comments | Posted August 7, 2007 | 6:52 PM

As Slate reported earlier this week, republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline defined herself as "liberal" on her Facebook profile, and even belonged to a group called "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)." While this could be problematic for a republican candidate in a field dominated by...

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X-Treme Success!

(15) Comments | Posted June 15, 2007 | 4:01 PM

Well, the troop surge in Iraq is finally complete, and the first reports* from Baghdad should lay to rest the months of speculation about whether or not the surge would be effective.

As of today, the streets of Baghdad are paved with chocolate and every single citizen was...
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Flava Flav Speaks Our Mind

(9) Comments | Posted June 13, 2007 | 5:09 PM

There's a video up on TMZ today of Flava Flav handing out a dozen pink roses to photographers Bachelor-style for the same reason that Flava Flav does anything: because he is a man-child from outerspace who is also high on illegal drugs.

In the video, he makes...

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John Edwards Refuses to Use His Brain

(17) Comments | Posted June 12, 2007 | 6:34 PM

It's very early in the presidential election, so up until now I'd basically been keeping my head down, paying mild attention to candidate news, and waiting for a few of these people to drop out before seriously considering who to vote for two Novembers from now (Oh, and Jesus H....

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Can You Point to the Part on the Doll Where Hostel 2 Touched You?

(21) Comments | Posted June 8, 2007 | 1:42 PM

Eli Roth's new movie Hostel: Part II opens today in movie theaters. Some people claim that it's one of the most thrilling horror movies to come out in years, while others contend that it is a sadistic, misogynistic piece of exploitative bullshit. Before you decide where you stand on the...

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The G-8 Protesters Are Clowns

(47) Comments | Posted June 7, 2007 | 1:36 PM

The annual G-8 Summit is well underway in Heiligendamm, and as is de rigeur with the anarchist middle-to-upper-middle-class white kids of the world, the meeting of the world's leaders is being protested. Fine. I understand the aversion that the Avril Lavignes of the world feel towards globalization and a free-market...

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