03/30/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

HoneyLine: Diet Should be a Four Letter Word

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On a regular basis I go over in my mind some of the most troublesome things I see about how people approach eating, and the wonder mess we have made out of a very simple thing. The concept that food is for the stomach, and the stomach is for food went out the window with the entrance of fat free, low fat, microwave, low carb, no gluten and ORGANIC. Since when did a lollipop become organic? Can we just hit the reset button and clean the slate!


It is so sad that we as a culture (especially us girls) have become afraid of food. Eating and food are a wonderful part of our life's experience, and half of us are walking around dreading having to figure out what to put in our mouths. Bummer! Food engages conversation, sharing, enjoyment, and so many other wonderful things. When did it become such a bad thing?

We hear all around us to love ourselves, and one of the ways we can do that is to eat food that serves our body, but also for us to love the food we're eating. I mean don't we have enough other things to throw our fear at?


I can't stand how complicated the media, doctors, and dietitians have made eating. Please don't use the word diet anymore! How about if we all eat breakfast, don't skip meals, avoid fake foods that have no nutritional value, don't over eat, avoid stress eating, and the massive consumption of sugary drinks that make up 20% of our caloric intake. Is it really rocket science or are we looking for an excuse? I love that people get educated, but then at some point where does good old fashion common sense come in?


There is no one right way for everyone. How can one way of eating serve all of us? This is where you as an individual need to take responsibility and figure out which way of eating is best for you and your goals. Not everyone is a low carb winner. Some people have an incredibly difficult time turning animal proteins into energy and that particular diet makes them feel tired and sluggish. Others will eat their hand if they eat too many good carbs (veggies, fruit etc) and not enough big protein. Their bodies blow through it and they're hungry in an hour. How about we all take a little time to experiment with what works for each of us? I myself am not a vegetarian, but I do believe that vegetarian diets suit certain bodies and lifestyles.


Food has become an escape. Get out there! Don't hide in your food. Food is fuel and not a solution to anything other than giving your body nutrients. I love chocolate like the next girl, but it's not going to change my situation. Eat food to enjoy it and feed yourself. If you're having stress go talk to someone, or take a run. Don't shove the nearest donut down your throat. Let's all stop hiding in our food and big bodies and get healthy. I know I'm making it sound easy or trite but I only have 800 words so I can't mince them.


Stop eating in your car or at your desk. We can't find 15 minutes to take a moment out of our vehicles and our work to eat? Chew slowly, notice the taste, and take a moment for yourself. Those few minutes are not going to make that much of a difference, and it's critical to be mindful of what you are putting into your body.

Food is a big part of the "what my body looks like" pie, so it's great if you are exercising but if you really want to help yourself out dial in your eating life.

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