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Gaby Pacheco
Gaby Pacheco, is the Director of the Bridge Project (a project with the mission to connect individuals from across the political spectrum to achieve immigration reform that is sensible and workable for all).
She is an immigrant rights leader from Miami, Florida. She has been speaking about her lack of papers since high school. As one of the creators of the Florida-based, youth-led group, Students Working for Equal Rights, she began organizing when she realized she was just one of hundreds of undocumented students in her community. She was elected student government president at Miami Dade College, and later statewide student body president, raising the issue of in-state tuition for undocumented students throughout Florida, which led to political change and a climate of acceptance in many community and state colleges there.

In 2010, she and three friends walked 1,500 miles from Miami to Washington, DC, to bring to light the plight of immigrants in this country, and to urge President Obama to stop the separations of families and deportations of DREAM Act–eligible youth. This walk was dubbed the Trail of DREAMs.

As political director for the national youth group United We Dream, she spearheaded efforts that led President Obama to announce the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, one of the biggest changes in immigration since the 1986 Amnesty.

Gaby has three college degrees from Miami Dade College. She is in the process of publishing children’s books and aspires to be a musical therapist, working with students with mental disabilities.

Entries by Gaby Pacheco

In God We Trust on Immigration Reform

(33) Comments | Posted November 1, 2013 | 5:47 PM

It was my grandmother who introduced me to God. As a child, I remember kneeling by her bedside to pray. We used to pray every night, and say one by one the names of each of our family members, our friends, and people who, sometimes at church, had asked for...

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The Intricacies of My Undocumented Life

(8) Comments | Posted March 20, 2013 | 2:44 PM

With high hopes and the doors to adulthood at the reach of my hand, ten years ago I was 18, in 12th grade and preparing to face the world.

I learned about my undocumented status when I was entering the 8th grade. My oldest sister, Erika, was denied access to...

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What It Takes to Win!

(58) Comments | Posted June 23, 2012 | 11:18 AM

As I was watching the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma Thunder, I drew the parallels between the Heat winning and the President's DREAMer policy announcement. A week ago, undocumented young Americans celebrated the bold move President Barack Obama made across the country. The policy ensures the 1.4 million...

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The President Can Wake Us Up From Our Nightmare

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I sat up and realized it was only a dream. But was it really?

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was driving my partner Jose to school. It was raining and the road was slippery. I was flustered because I did not know where I was going and...

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The Saga of Immigrant Youth: Debated and left unresolved

(21) Comments | Posted May 4, 2012 | 8:10 AM

Next month, the country's educational community will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark decision in Plyler vs. Doe. In Plyer vs. Doe, the high court ruled in June 1982 that it was against the law to prohibit primary and secondary education to an undocumented student. Although...

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