Mercury Retrograde and Politics

09/02/2010 05:38 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Mercury, the fastest planet in the Solar System, is retrograding until Sep 13. Of course the planet didn't shift gear to reverse, but from earth it looks as if it is going backward. Imagine when you are standing at a traffic light and the car next to you moves forward, it feels to you as if you are going backward. When Mercury, the planet of communication, computers, business, trade and travel, retrogrades, these aspects of life are subject to disruption.

On the other hand, one can use these times for any activity beginning with the prefix "Re," such as: rewrite, renegotiate, renew, remodel, revisit, return, reconnect and with interest rates at the lowest they have ever been, refinance.

Mercury, Hermes in the Greek mythology, was the god of thieves, liars and tricksters, as well as orators, traders and speech writers. Now you know why at least astrologically speaking you cannot always trust politicians, traders and writers (including me, that is if I qualify as one).

Since Mercury started his retrograde motion on August 20th, the news are filled with interesting "return" stories. Here are a few:

Ken Mehlman, former Republican National Committee chairman's, decided to "come out" and return to the true nature of his identity. Melhman was instrumental in getting President Bush elected to his second term. He was a vocal part of Carl Rove's scheme to mobilize conservative voters by bringing gay marriages into the spotlight and away from John Kerry. Mehlman is the highest ranking Republican to come out of the closet, thus far, and used mercury in retrograde end a lifelong lie and regain his wholeness. I am sure he will be able to live a happier more fulfilled life. And as a Republican, he now has the chance to help his party embrace, both legally and emotionally, same sex marriage.

Also in the news, we find the official return of the U.S. troupes from Iraq, while it is true that 50,000 will remain for at least another year, it still a great achievement for a planet in retrograde.

The Palestinians and Israelis sit face to face on September 2. Starting peace talk on Mercury retrograde? Hmm ... you know what, who knows, maybe mercury is going to confuse the negotiators to such a degree that they might actually like each other. In that case, a trickster blessing in disguise, we might enjoy peace on earth in our lifetime. Amen.

In the next two weeks try to avoid big purchases and or signing papers. Pay extra attention to bank statements, lock your car (Mercury was the god of thieves after all), and take more time to arrive to important meetings. Since Mercury is retrograding in Virgo, the sign of pets, health, diet, work and routine, you might experience more disruption in those aspects of life.

If you have any interesting Mercury retrograde stories, please share them with us. Any wild synchronicity, coincidences, glitches or computer meltdown stories will be appreciated.