09/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Born Curious

From the time I was a small child, I have had a very inquisitive nature. My parents tell me that "why" was one of my first words. I have always asked questions, for I'm truly curious about the world around me. This insatiable yearning for knowledge is an unconscious theme that weaves throughout my life.

There's just something inside that has to know "why". Whenever I meet someone new I want to know their story. As I was introduced to new theories and principles in school, I'd always want to know why they were important and how and why things worked the way they did.

I was never one to just accept things as they were, but was always questioning the logic and the reasoning behind them. As you can imagine, this personality trait hasn't always been to my benefit, especially with my parents, teachers and those in positions of authority.

My questioning was never out of disrespect, but rather, from a personal need for greater understanding. By asking a question and going deeper, I felt better connected to the world around me. I could understand not only why people did what they did, but also, why they made the choices and decisions that they did. Once the answers were in place, then all seemed right with the world.

I have always believed that the quality of our life is determined primarily by the quality of the questions we ask. One thing that I've learned from observing the world is that those who ask good questions and go deeper have lives that are deeper and more meaningful.

As an adult, my day still includes questions, but now, mostly of an internal nature. For by asking questions of oneself, especially ones that we don't have conscious answers for, the world of infinite possibility opens before us.

Our subconscious mind deplores unanswered questions. Just the simple act of asking ourselves a question, sends the unconscious mind off on an unrelenting quest for the answer. This is especially helpful when you ask yourself a question like, "What grand and glorious adventure can I have today?" or, "How does it get any better than this?"

The simple act of self-questioning is a way for getting past the learned beliefs and limitations and getting to the place of being the infinite beings that we truly are.

It's especially important to ask these kinds of questions when life isn't perfect. When things are upside down, just asking a question like, "How does it get any better than this?" automatically sets the subconscious mind to work. It doesn't seem to make any sense, as our conscious mind could list a litany of solutions on how life could get better, but it's a rhetorical question for the conscious mind. We're talking to the subconscious here- because that's where the power is.

Just by asking that question instead of making decisions and judgments, interesting things begin to happen. The subconscious mind is busy lining things up to answer our question and show us how life can get better than this.

When the car breaks down while driving to work, rather than cursing the situation, imagine asking yourself, "How can this experience be a gift in my life?" Watch what happens. It's like some form of magic shows up in our lives to teach us, support us and provide us with even greater opportunity.

No matter what things happen in our lives, by just being in question in each moment, the potential for greater possibility expands. Judgment disappears, knowing that in this situation, there too may be a blessing. Even those experiences and situations that we previously might have judged as "bad", can now unfold into what may be a great gift in our life.

My friend, Angela Bear teaches how to make questioning a regular part of life. She expands my general curiosity for the life around me by using questioning as a tool for deeper person growth as well as business success.

According to Angela, we are here to have fun, to expand and to experience ease, joy and glory. Her question to us is, "What would it take for you to be the fun?"

Can you feel that already? Just by asking a question something inside starts conspiring with the Universe on our behalf. Details line up. Doors start to open. And suddenly, the situation turns, the solution is in front of us and the answer appears from just asking a question. It seems a bit backwards and a bit counter intuitive, but it works.

How can your life get better than it is? Start asking questions.

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