08/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Ingenuity: The Inspiration Behind iFart with Joel Comm

Inspiration and fart are words rarely used in the same sentence. However in this case, there's a good reason for it, as they were directly tied together through humor to create a most interesting story that all started from listening to a little voice inside.

Some call it intuition. My grandmother used to call it "a feeling in her bones", while others see it as a sixth sense. Regardless of how it shows up for us, we all have that inner voice the we hear from time to time that gives us ideas, sparks our creativity and nudges us to unveil our greatness. It's that small, still voice inside that tempts us to follow our dreams and makes us wonder, "What if?"

At times the voice is soft yet persistent as it gently taps us on the shoulder or whispers in our ear. Other times when ignored for too long, the voice whacks us over the head in order to get our attention -- pushing us in a given direction and encouraging us to take the first step forward outside of our comfort zone.

Lack of self-esteem and low self-confidence are so commonplace that there are times when that voice speaks, we feel the goal is too big to achieve, and convince ourselves that it must be talking to someone else -- especially when it's saying something outrageous!

Our first reaction might be, "Who am I to do something this big? I can't to that! Why me!?"

Here's where opportunity is born and where we have the chance to make our mark. Instead of asking ourselves, "Why me?", what if we asked ourselves, "Why not me?" After all, someone has to be the next bestselling author. Someone has to invent the next computer gadget. Someone has to cure cancer or be the first to walk on Mars. Why couldn't that be you?

We all have our individual set of talents, interests and abilities that make us unique from one another. Because no one else is exactly like us or has the same dream as us, we are the only person to birth our exact idea. We all have a job to do, a place to fit in and a way to contribute, no matter the size of our contribution. Globally, these are challenging times and there are all kinds of needs just waiting to be filled.

Understanding the importance of humor to help keep things in perspective and help the world lighten up a bit, my friend Joel Comm, followed his inner voice to bring the gift of laughter to the world.

Joel expressed his uniqueness in his latest success -- iFart. As an internet entrepreneur and the creator of iPhone applications, Joel's crazy idea did exactly what he intended -- it made the world laugh. Throughout history, laughter remains the one common language that unites us all. The overwhelming success of this project proves this is still true and that once again, ingenuity is king. No idea is too crazy. And, someone has to do it, so why not you?

In spite of having what most would dismiss as an idea that's just too foolish, Joel was inspired. He took action and implemented his brainchild, knowing that someone had to invent cool apps, and knowing that "someone" could be him. In Joel's words, "We knew that iFart would be a hit, but it has sold over 500,000 copies and has become the most-talked about iPhone app ever!"

Joel is a perfect example of listening, implementing your idea and following it to fruition. He's also a big believer that we're all here to make a difference in our own way. "Rather than focus on what makes others great, focus on your gifts. This gives you a great chance at succeeding. Just as a watch is made to tell time and a car is made to take people places, your gifts, talents and abilities are designed to take you where your passions lead you. When you are doing what you are made to do, it is impossible to fail!"

So, why not you? Your ideas and your dreams are yours and yours alone. They came to you and not someone else because you're the one to give them life.

Be who you were made to be, for the world is counting on you. Dream big and believe in yourself knowing that you have the power to make it happen. Joel is living proof that with inspiration and a little ingenuity, anything is possible.

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