05/06/2009 08:52 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Living A Charmed Life

Some people seem to be born into a charmed life. No matter what they do, their life seems to be perfect. They have financial abundance, a home right out of Martha Stewart magazine, bright children, success in their careers and an incredible relationship with the person of their dreams. They shine with an inner glow, attracting people and things to them. Many label them as lucky, while others look on with a sense of wonder and perhaps a bit of envy.

We scratch our heads and question what we're doing wrong and why our life doesn't look like that or why things don't come to us as easily. Most of us write it off saying things like, "If God wanted me to be rich I would have been born with money", or "I'd do that too if I wasn't afraid to take that risk", or "I'll start my million dollar idea when...".

Now is the perfect time to start asking ourselves better questions. Are these lucky people really born into this life, or is a charmed life something that can be created by anyone, including us? Many times it seems that no matter what we try, we're still chasing the dream while others are living it. What would it take to create a charmed life where things came to us with such grace and ease?

I believe the quality of our life is a matter of our own expectations and everyone has the ability to live a charmed life, regardless of our personal circumstances. Yes, I mean everyone, including you, regardless of what your life might look like right now.

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right".

If you believe you can live a charmed life, filled with all the magic and wonder that would create your perfect dream life- you can. If you believe you can overcome the fear that's stopping you in your tracks, you can.

Likewise, if you believe you can't live a charmed life, that it's reserved for others who are "lucky" people, then once again, you're right. Our mindset alone will set the tone for our day and from that tone, the degree of our happiness and success in life will be determined.

If we wake up each morning chasing the day, overwhelmed with our massive "to do" list, living in fear and holding onto the belief that we are cursed, the day will lose all hope very quickly as our charmed life slips away.

However, if we believe that life will show up for us in a magical way and we act from that place regardless of fear or trepidation, life inevitably appears with everything we need to create a charmed life. If we step forward in faith and claim the life that is waiting for us, obstacles that once appeared as insurmountable will be diminished to small hills that we skip over with ease.

By simply focusing on our belief in ourselves, fear can be converted into rocket fuel to blast us to success. To create a charmed life, we must believe that we're connected to something much more powerful than what we can see, believe that anything is possible and that we too deserve the best that life has to offer.

Think about the greatest things you've ever accomplished in your life and the things that have brought you the greatest satisfaction in your life. Chances are these very things once caused fear or doubt in your life too, but you had a strong belief that you'd succeed. The only difference between then and now is that fear and doubt were replaced with belief and expectation.

We are all divinely created to live charmed lives. Not just some of us, but all of us! We have the power to create the life of our dreams. Nothing can change a life more quickly than inspired action from a place of expectation, based on gratitude and belief.

Victoria Moran, today's Inspirational Luminary, is a woman who lives a charmed life. In our interview, Victoria shares secrets from her book, Living a Charmed Life.

According to Victoria, your life is not ordinary and you are not ordinary. Everyday is magical. You need to live life as if every day were a jewel that you've been given to polish up and get as brilliant as it can possibly be. It's important to stay present in the day, as we're really only able to live in this day only.

If you make today magical and sparkling and then make tomorrow magical and sparkling, you are going to end up with a life that is magical and sparkling, not to mention, charmed.

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