10/09/2013 03:21 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2013

The Flow of Energy

Some people (me included) believe that there's a spiritual flow of energy that runs through, and is common to, all human beings. It's this spiritual flow of energy, for example, that powers our heartbeats.

Many of the same people also believe that when this energy is flowing freely, human beings feel eager, light, resilient, open, understanding, and loving. And when this energy is blocked, they feel lethargic, weighed down, vulnerable, closed off, judgmental, and insecure. What often gets confusing, however, is what regulates this flow of energy (and our feelings) in the first place.

Now some point to circumstance or environment -- maintaining that what's happening on the outside can affect a person's energy on the inside. But if that were the case the same external factors would cause the same internal feelings, or energy level, 100 percent of the time. We know that's not true. Another explanation often cited is a physical one: the alignment and workings of the central nervous system. This does seem somewhat logical. If your body is out of structural alignment, then energy flow -- and the body's natural ability to heal -- will be compromised.

But there's also an invisible element at work behind the scenes and overlooked by most people that's even more capable of restricting this natural flow of energy: a person's thinking.

When your mind is filled with thinking, you leave little room for this spiritual energy to work its way in, and then through the system. That's why when you have a lot of noise in your head, you feel listless. And when your head is clear, you feel enthusiastic. What's even more interesting (at least to me) is that it doesn't matter what types of thoughts a person is having. Think 25 positive thoughts right now and I guarantee you'll feel exhausted.

So then (assuming that the above assumption is correct), what actions can you take at those moments when you lack drive because your thinking is blocking this omnipresent spiritual energy? Well, I can't tell you what to do, per se. What I can tell you is that nobody is born with a bunch of stale thoughts in his or her head (that's why small kids are so energetic). Our thinking accumulates over time because most of us are unaware that this spiritual energy is always at work, boosting our innate ability to self-correct to clarity. In other words, it's never necessary to explain or try to fix how we feel. Doing so only adds more thought; making us feel worse -- and more sluggish.

The crux of this fundamental message is that simply going about your business and allowing this inherent flow of energy to do its thing, is the key to a wonderful feeling and a wonderful life. Again, it's hard to deny that there's something out there that powers our existence and allows us to effortlessly find new perspectives on circumstances that once seemed troubling. Why not take advantage of it to the fullest?

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