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Party of Patriots

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Manifesto: We believe that: we are all in this together; a just society protects its children, elderly, and disabled; all are entitled to a healthy environment; the able-bodied should have the opportunity to work; corporations and banks should deal honestly with consumers; workers' safety deserves protection; quality public education is crucial to democracy; special interests should not finance campaigns; our foreign policy should reflect our highest principles; judges should be appointed on merit not ideology; foreign oil is not worth American blood; our government should protect our Constitutional rights.

Those welcome: all Americans of good will; those who think for themselves; those with strong convictions but who resist extremes; those who respect the rights and opinions of others; those who uphold the national interest; seekers after truth; those who are open-minded, informed, and willing to listen; everyone with a sense of humor.

Those not welcome: those who are dogmatic, self-satisfied, and closed-minded; screamers and shouters; the intolerant and divisive; cult-followers and character assassins; the small-minded and ill-informed; those who listen to radio ranters to have their prejudices confirmed; all who put their narrow or special interest ahead of the national interest; the humorless.

Our purpose: to bring Americans together; to achieve a just society; to care for the wounded in and out of uniform; to help America stand tall and deserve respect; to be a leading nation in the international community; to reduce threats to ourselves and others; to maintain integrity among ourselves and with others; to keep the government off our backs by keeping our hands out of its pockets; to export our best ideas, services, and products and not our crude entertainment; to leave all children a healthier, safer planet; to seek wisdom and practice humility; to see that everyone gets a fair shake.

What it will take: Americans who care enough about their country to be engaged; genuine leaders from all walks of life; dreamers, idealists, poets, and prophets; dedication to the national interest; suspension of cynicism; compassion for and connection with each other; noble journalism; commitment to learning; suspicion of hucksters, political and otherwise; quality before profits in business; praise for innovation in all walks of life; insistence on intelligence in leadership; a sense of history; acceptance of the long view.

Timing: just over the horizon.

Care to join?

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