05/13/2007 03:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The American Security Project

The establishment of a significant new effort to define a new approach to American and international security, The American Security Project, will be announced in Washington Wednesday morning at the National Press Club.

This Project is committed to creative and forward-looking new approaches to national security based upon the most effective military forces in the world, affordable force structures, respect for our military institutions and traditions, old alliances and new coalitions, and an understanding of security appropriate to a new century and a new age.

The American Security Project board of directors is composed of respected
military leaders, recognized foreign policy and security policy experts, and
former elected officials of both political parties. The board and an
experienced staff of security experts are committed to innovative approaches.
based on historic American Constitutional principles, to new security challenges
and to diplomatic and political opportunities to reduce threats and prevent them
from arising.

The results of the Project's research and position papers, its polling data, and
its security proposals will be provided to both political parties, their
candidates for public office, and to the public at large. It is our purpose to
advance the public discussion of national and international security beyond
stale Cold War categories and cliche. To paraphrase Lincoln, as our causes are
new so must we think anew.

Gary Hart

Member of the Board

American Security Project