12/09/2007 08:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How Eerie Are the Parallels Between the Behavior of the AMPTP and the Behavior of the Bush Administration?

How eerie are the parallels between the behavior of the AMPTP and the behavior of the Bush administration? Using the pretext of an external shock to the system (in the case of the AMPTP, the rise of the internet -- in the case of Bush, 9/11), they have moved to grab power and achieve long-held goals (getting rid of "the guy who tried to kill my dad" -- getting rid of the residual system). Eschewing the warnings of the "reality based" community and the lessons of history (Vietnam -- the music industry), the AMPTP and the country at large have been driven down a self destructive path by hard liners (Cheney, Rumsfeld -- Time/Warner, Fox, Nick Counter) who view contempt as a virtue.

When the CEOs of the AMPTP dub their cash and power grab a New Economic Partnership (their caps, not mine), doesn't it sound like "Operation Enduring Freedom" or the "Clear Skies Initiative"? When they say, "under no circumstances will we knowingly participate in the destruction of this business" doesn't it sound like "we cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud"? When they sing that "(The WGA) want us to make membership in their union mandatory...even though thousands of people in reality and animation have already chosen not to join the WGA," isn't that a cover version of "They Hate Us For Our Freedom"? And aren't the AMPTP and the Bush administration each controlled by a shadowy, Voldemort-like puppetmaster bent on world domination (Rupert Murdoch and -- Rupert Murdoch)?

We see mainstream news coverage of the strike by journalists who are "embedded" in the very media companies who are being struck. The AMPTP has used the press to try to "swift boat" David Young, Patric Verrone, and John Bowman by calling them "organizers (who) are determined to advance their own political ideologies and personal agendas at the expense of working writers..." when the reality is that, not only are John Bowman (MBA Harvard, three Emmy nominations, one win) and Patric Verrone (Harvard magnum cum laude, Boston College Law School, Futurama!) working writers they are, unlike the CEOs, democratically elected by a membership that would tar and feather them if they recommended the deal that the AMPTP has proposed.

So when it comes to the statements of the AMPTP, as with the Bushies (thank you, Maureen Dowd), white is black and day is night. But...unlike the far flung great majority of ripped-off Americans who have no real organizing entity (certainly not the cozily corporate Democratic Party) to combat a cabal of self-dealing oligarchs from raping the American economy and pursuing "political ideologies and personal agendas," we ARE organized...and we have learned the lessons of history (the '85 home video deal, the 2000 election)...and we are determined not to repeat them.

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