Love v$ Fear

11/17/2011 09:02 am ET

The global economic meltdown is activating fear in millions of individuals who, in turn, are activating it in millions more. Cable news channels, always seeking advertising revenue, report the grimmest news in the most attention-attracting ways, which intensifies fear. Last evening, for example, one reported the "horrifying numbers" contained in the latest government report on unemployment. It is important to remember that this kind of news activates fear-based parts of your personality and if you are not aware of them, you will act from these parts by judging, complaining, becoming depressed, and more. You can become aware of them by focusing your attention inside your body and feeling the uncomfortable or painful sensations that they produce when they become active (instead of focusing your attention outside your body on what triggers those sensations). Recognizing this is crucial to well-being, health, and spiritual growth.

The frightened parts of your personality that become horrified (or angry, jealous, resentful, depressed, etc.) at unemployment numbers or anything else have been horrified (angry, jealous, resentful, etc.) before and will become horrified again. They exist independently of the triggers that activate them. Healing the frightened parts of your personality (instead of trying to change the triggers of them) creates spiritual growth. This is helpful to remember the next time a frightened part of your personality becomes active, for example, when you feel fear, despair, helplessness, or hopelessness.

Whether you are watching the news or your home is being foreclosed or anything between, the frightened parts of your personality that are panicked, angry, etc., are the very parts that you must heal in order to free yourself permanently from their painful experiences. You can attempt to change the circumstances that activate them (this is the pursuit of external power) and relieve the pain temporarily if you are successful, or you can eradicate the source of these painful experiences permanently (this is the creation of authentic power).

Keep your eye on the ball the next time a frightened part of your personality becomes active. It is an opportunity to create authentic power. You can challenge it by consciously experiencing the pain of this part of your personality (instead of, for example, distracting yourself) and while you are experiencing the pain of it, choose to do something different (respond) instead of what it habitually does (react). Every circumstance - including declining equity values, collapse of housing prices, failure of a bank, and ongoing credit crunch - offers you an opportunity to create authentic power. This is important to understand because creating authentic power - harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life - individual by individual is now central to replacing obsolete social structures (such as education, health, commerce, and governance in addition to financial) that reflect the perception of power as the ability to manipulate and control with new social structures that are built on the values of the soul.

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