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Help us reach 30,000 Facebook Supporters in 30 Days

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You may have seen in the news recently that our campaign launched a drive to reach 30,000 Facebook supporters in 30 days. At the end of the day yesterday, we reached 25,603 supporters. And with your help, I believe we'll reach our goal.

But our Facebook drive is about a lot more than just campaign organizing.

Our Facebook Drive is about developing a modern communication system that will help create an army of Californians to not only hear our policy ideas but help implement them as well.

In the old days, campaigns - especially those in California - revolved around raising money and spending it on broadcast TV. It was a top down system - people watched broadcast television. There was no TiVo. Social networking sites did not exist. It was a special privilege of the few to communicate to the masses.

Today, our media is dispersed over hundreds of channels, thousands of websites and millions of people. It is more personal, interactive and bottom up. Technology has created the tools for average, everyday Americans to take an active role in their Democracy and Americans have responded - creating ActBlue, Huffington Post, MyDD or used new tools like Meetup or Facebook to change politics.

To date - campaigns have been very successful in harnessing the power and ingenuity of average citizens to change the balance of political power in America.

The next phase of this revolution and what will be truly powerful, is the ability for an army of Californians - recruited by a neighbor, family member or trusted friend - who join together on Facebook or elsewhere to not only elect a candidate but create the voice and the network to actually implement new policy ideas.

That's the ultimate goal behind our Facebook Drive - to not only win a race for Governor but to have the supporters, modern communications apparatus and technological know how to really create change.

That's the formula that ends years of gridlock in Sacramento and helps us make bold change. It's the force that will help us find new ways to get people access to health care, create the first system of electric cars in America, radically alter our approach to education and build support for marriage equality.

In the modern world, a campaign that can't rally thousands of citizens to its cause will not be able to make the bold changes we need in Sacramento. That's the true power of new technology. That's why we're striving to reach 30,000 Facebook supporters so early in this campaign. And that's why we need your help today. Please, sign up and spread the word and help us reach the next phase of the revolution.