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Justin Sedor


Making the Right Choice

Justin Sedor | Posted August 4, 2012

Not everyone can be an "activist" -- that's what I told myself for a long time. But as I continued living my quaint collegiate life, I found it harder and harder to ignore the fact that kids who looked like me and walked and talked like me were killing themselves after being called "faggot."
Courtney O'Donnell


Tracking the Pastors (Four and Counting) Calling for the Death of LGBT People

Courtney O'Donnell | Posted August 4, 2012

I've been tracking these recent calls by pastors for the death of LGBT people on my blog, and a few readers are seemingly excusing these pastors' behavior by stating, among other things, that they were "just quoting Scripture" or "thinking out loud." I disagree.
Bryan Safi


WATCH: Why It's OK to Love The Real Housewives

Bryan Safi | Posted August 4, 2012

The Real Housewives of New York returns for its 5th season tonight. That's right, the show that showcases some of the most glamorous foreclosures in America is back.
Marten Weber


Science Fiction or Science Fact? What Happened to the Gay Gene?

Marten Weber | Posted August 4, 2012

Ever since The Science of Desire by Dean Hamer (1993), the scientific world and gays and lesbians around the world have been plagued by the idea of a single gene controlling human sexual orientation. The specter of de-gaying by gene therapy has haunted us ever since.
John Shore


Biola President Uses Bully Pulpit to Threaten LGBTQ Group

John Shore | Posted August 4, 2012

Right there, up in the pulpit, pretending to care about nothing so much as extending the love of Christ, is every encouragement any bully could ever need to viciously hound, beat to a pulp or push to suicide a desperately forlorn gay person.
Greg Damhorst


Charles Worley Shows Us What Jesus Wouldn't Do

Greg Damhorst | Posted August 4, 2012

The face of Christianity that many see today is not an accurate picture of a compassionate Christ. If I and other Christians want to better represent our faith, we can only do so in a world where opinions are based on real relationships, not viral bigotry.
Zach Stafford


How to Be Gay, Young and in Tennessee

Zach Stafford | Posted August 4, 2012

I have been there and I have left there. I grew up 30 minutes outside of Nashville in a town that is more famous for its churches and music than for its racial and sexual politics.
Clay Farris Naff


Could Lincoln, Nebraska Be the Gettysburg of Gay Rights?

Clay Farris Naff | Posted August 4, 2012

If the citizens of Lincoln vote to enshrine fairness in their charter, this city could become a pivot point in the last great civil rights movement in America: the campaign to end legalized bigotry against people whose sexual orientation differs from the majority.
Peter D. Rosenstein


Doctor's Apology Is Better Late Than Never

Peter D. Rosenstein | Posted August 4, 2012

We can appreciate that Dr. Spitzer recognized his error and made his apology while he still could. But only time will tell if that will make a difference in the acceptance of LGBT individuals.
Nathan Manske


AIDS/LifeCycle Participant Recounts When Her Housewife Mom Told Her She Had AIDS (VIDEO)

Nathan Manske | Posted August 4, 2012

Wayne Anderson


Will Obama Walk the Talk?

Wayne Anderson | Posted August 4, 2012

Adoration from the gay community (and much of the media) has never been a problem for President Obama, but it is proving to be problematic in the quest for full equality for gay and lesbian Americans. When the president was pushed by Vice President Biden's public remarks on marriage equality...