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Gary Spedding


Northern Ireland Green's Lead Push for Marriage Equality

Gary Spedding | Posted November 9, 2012

With this motion, a clear call is made on the Minister of Finance and Personnel to introduce legislation to guarantee that couples of any sex or gender identity receive equal benefit from marriage.
Alex Dean


Horse - An Extraordinary Life in Music

Alex Dean | Posted November 9, 2012

What really draws attention are the vocals of Horse. With over two decades in the industry, she still feels fresh and shows a real passion for performing. A raw emotion loaded display and the pure energy emanating from the stage left the audience, ultimately, wanting more.
James Stack


FEARLESS MEMOIR: 'World's Fair' (Chapter 15)

James Stack | Posted November 9, 2012

I loved I Dream of Jeannie and always thought it would be great to have a genie in a bottle who would grant me three wishes. I'd probably end up forfeiting one of my wishes to get Daddy to stop drinking, because all that came out of his bottle was the devil.
Jeff Sheng


Giving LGBT Student Athletes a Voice (VIDEO)

Jeff Sheng | Posted November 9, 2012

For over nine years I have been photographing LGBT student athletes on high school and college sports teams for a series I titled "Fearless." However, over the course of working on "Fearless," I always felt that something was missing: the stories and voices behind the photographs I took.
William H. Lamar IV


Homosexuality and the Black Church

William H. Lamar IV | Posted November 9, 2012

The current debate over same-sex marriage in many churches gives me a feeling of déjà vu. We are running to third instead of first. How can we talk about same-sex marriage or homosexuality for that matter without talking about sex and sexuality first?