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Geoffrey Dunn

Geoffrey Dunn

Posted: September 10, 2009 03:01 AM

Rep. Joe Wilson Is an A**hole

What's Your Reaction?

That the health-care debate in this country has crossed the line far too many times goes without saying. But what Republican congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina did tonight was shameful and disgusting. He should resign immediately. If he doesn't resign immediately, he should be recalled by his constituents. He has disgraced them and the entire State of South Carolina by his actions.

In the aftermath of Van Jones' resignation this past week, I can only think that he was right: many Republicans are indeed assholes; many Republicans in Congress are assholes; those who jeered tonight and held up signs and disrupted the halls of Congress tonight are assholes. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are assholes. There's a pattern here.

That Wilson apologized does nothing to erase the vile and base nature of his outburst -- an outburst that shocked, and even frightened, young members of my family who were watching the President's speech. I live in a household where health issues define our lives -- I am a cancer survivor and I have a child that lives with a life-threatening disease, not to mention a 94-year-old mother -- all under one roof. His outburst invaded the sanctity of our home and violated the daily struggle we endure each day dealing with the dysfunctional health care system in this country.

I tried to write the congressman tonight and let him know what I thought about his despicable act. But his web site is "down for maintenance." So I want to say it here: You are a disgrace to this country and a disgrace to democracy and you do not deserve to serve in the U.S. Congress. I will never forget nor forgive what you did tonight. You are the biggest Republican asshole of them all.