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George McGovern

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An Inspiring US-Kenya Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS

(10) Comments | Posted May 25, 2010 | 12:47 PM

NAIROBI, Kenya - I just returned from traveling with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) to visit their projects in various parts of Kenya, and I have fallen hard in love with this beautiful country. One thing that struck me as I admired the lush vegetation along the...

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A Humbling Experience in One of Africa's Largest Slums

(67) Comments | Posted May 14, 2010 | 11:03 AM

Hunger is something I have fought tirelessly by encouraging a global commitment to school meals and nutrition. I am currently on a 10-day visit to Kenya and Uganda to see United Nations World Food Program (WFP) projects serving the same cause. This visit comes 50 years after President John F....

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A Response to Joe Klein

(180) Comments | Posted December 20, 2009 | 1:19 PM

The able reporter Joe Klein deserves a response to his critique of my objection to President Obama's decision to send another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. With the 21,000 the President ordered there earlier, plus the 50,000 sent by President Bush, we now have over 100,000 troops assigned to Afghanistan and...

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How Lincoln Speaks to Us Today

(32) Comments | Posted February 12, 2009 | 9:06 AM

Abraham Lincoln, whose two hundredth birthday we observe today, was our greatest president and a keen student of political expression. Though his personal hero was George Washington, he also had a high regard for Thomas Jefferson. "I never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied...

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Hey Baby Boomers -- Welcome to the Golden Years!

(28) Comments | Posted March 7, 2006 | 7:03 PM

If life is what each of us holds dear, then for most people extending life is a plus, not a minus. And so it is for the rest of society that stands to gain from the contributions of the older generation.

How many children and youth have had their lives...

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Social Security -- It Just Ain't Broke, So Don't Try and Fix It

(36) Comments | Posted February 27, 2006 | 6:54 PM

"It ain't what people don't know that's so dangerous," Will Rogers once famously remarked, "it's what people know -- that just ain't so." The administration of the younger Bush does its best to see that people "don't know" many things. About Social Security, though, Bush and those in his administration...

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Gene McCarthy

(19) Comments | Posted December 15, 2005 | 5:29 PM

Gene McCarthy was a pure original. No other senator had the combination of endowments Gene possessed: He was a philosopher, a skilled 6' 4" baseball and hockey player, a visionary statesman, a moralist, an eloquent orator and graceful poet with a mastery of English diction and a wit...

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