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George Mitrovich
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George Mitrovich is president of two leading American public forums, The City Club of San Diego and The Denver Forum. In addition, he chairs for the Boston Red Sox The Great Fenway Park Writers Series, as well as chairing the team’s annual birthday tribute to Jackie Robinson.

A writer and contributor to leading North American newspapers, he is also a public speaker of note, with four speeches published in Vital Speeches of the Day -- a distinction held by few Americans.

Long active in San Diego civic affairs as well as the faith community, he served as president of the San Diego County Ecumenical Council, an organization of 125 Christian churches.

Mr. Mitrovich was a press aide to Senator Robert F. Kennedy in the presidential campaign of 1968. He has an extensive history in local, state and national politics.

Entries by George Mitrovich

The State of Our Union

(165) Comments | Posted January 26, 2016 | 10:30 AM

How can we know how life unfolds
When we cannot see the road
Through the mist of time the path unwinds
To the end of the road we go.

-To The End of the Road by John McDermott

While watching President Obama's last State of the...

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Mary Alice Meets an Angel

(0) Comments | Posted January 21, 2016 | 6:02 PM

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for
thereby some have entertained angels unawares." -
• Hebrews 13:2 (RSV)

Mary Alice Williams, news anchor for New Jersey Television (NJTV) and co-founder of CNN, was known to me professionally but unknown personally.

On the day...

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Remembering I.F. Stone

(2) Comments | Posted December 4, 2015 | 2:41 PM

On my nightstand are 12 books, mostly small volumes in paperback of 200 or fewer pages; books by Karl Barth, Barbara Brown Taylor, Will Willimon, Reinhold Niebuhr, Robert Pinsky, Winston Churchill, John Noll, Malcolm Muggeridge, and I.F. Stone, one of America's greatest iconoclastic journalists.

But it is the Stone book,...

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Boots on the Ground

(1) Comments | Posted November 25, 2015 | 12:54 PM

Come you masters of war. You that build all the guns. You
that build the death planes. You that hide behind walls.
You hide hind desks. I just want you to know I can
see through your masks.
-- Bob Dylan

A couple of years...

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Called to Serve

(1) Comments | Posted October 29, 2015 | 3:33 PM

"We should take very seriously what the dreadful past can tell us
about our blindness and predilections. The haunting fact is we are
morally free. If everyone around us is calling for Barabbas, it is only
probable, never necessary, that some of us join in. Since we...

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Francis, Yogi and Joe

(0) Comments | Posted September 30, 2015 | 6:19 AM

The pope came to America, Yogi Berra died and the vice president went on Late Night with Stephen Colbert.

Three different persons.

Three different professions.

One common characteristic.

One common faith.

Pope Francis' state visit became the greatest week in the history of the Catholic Church in America....

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Is That All There Is?

(1) Comments | Posted September 16, 2015 | 6:14 PM

The words of Peggy Lee's song are haunting, but they come to mind, not in a philosophical/mystical sense, though they are that, but politically.

I've been in politics, around politics for 49 years. Beginning with the lieutenant governor's office in Sacramento in 1966, through Bobby Kennedy's presidential campaign to five...

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Of Religion, Politics and Media

(1) Comments | Posted July 2, 2015 | 12:50 PM

Some time back a writer for a major American newspaper wrote a story about an openly gay United Methodist minister who lost her church over her sexual orientation. The reporter wrote the minister was in danger of being "excommunicated."

The Catholic Church excommunicates; the Methodist Church...

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Joe Biden -- A View of 44 Years

(1) Comments | Posted June 1, 2015 | 11:59 PM

In the early summer of 1971 I received a telephone call from Wes Barthlesmes, a key U.S. Senate aide. He asked if I would to join him for lunch with a young Democrat from Delaware planning to run for the U.S. Senate against Caleb Boggs, the state's senior senator.

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Is This Any Way to Run a Country?

(1) Comments | Posted May 27, 2015 | 2:06 PM

On March 30 the House of Commons dissolved and Great Britain entered five weeks of campaigning to determine a new government.

David Cameron's five years as prime minister in the coalition government was over; it was time for voters to decide who governs next.

With the dissolution, May 7...

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The Mayor, the Commissioner & Police

(0) Comments | Posted December 30, 2014 | 1:46 PM

When the head of a union representing police officers in New York City, is at odds with the city's mayor, not over contract negotiations, but accuses the mayor of non-support of men and women in blue, of choosing street protesters over police, and of complicity in the killing of two...

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Money, Politics and Democracy Depraved

(0) Comments | Posted November 3, 2014 | 9:24 AM

I believe in government, which is established through the means of politics.

The government we get and the political means by which it is derived is imperfect, and to expect perfection from either is overly idealistic or dangerously ignorant.

As Mr. Churchill said, "Democracy is the worst form...

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Immigration: 32 Years Later

(0) Comments | Posted July 16, 2014 | 12:59 AM

In 1982 The City Club of San Diego held a national conference on immigration. As conferences go this became hugely significant.

The genesis of the conference began at the Democratic National Convention in New York in 1980, where I had gone as a delegate for Ted Kennedy.

With the...

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If You Break It, You Own It

(1) Comments | Posted July 1, 2014 | 2:52 PM

On the invasion of Iraq, Colin Powell famously told President George W. Bush, "If you break it you own it."

In an interview with the Atlantic, General Powell said of his warning that it,

"was a simple statement of the fact that when you take out a...
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America's Greatest Threat

(0) Comments | Posted May 5, 2014 | 3:28 PM

Philip Seymour Hoffman was a very great actor. He was also a heroin addict.

February 2 of this year Mr. Hoffman was found dead on the bathroom floor of his New York apartment.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2005, died with...

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Gloria Steinem Turns 80

(0) Comments | Posted March 25, 2014 | 2:56 PM

Gail Collins paid tribute to Gloria Steinem, who turns 80 today, in this past Sunday's New York Times. Reading her celebration of Ms. Steinem's life brought on a flood of memories. What follows is my own tribute to this very great person.

Gloria Steinem and I have...

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America's Shame and Our Blame

(0) Comments | Posted February 28, 2014 | 10:43 AM

Last week in San Diego, I spoke to Congregation Beth Israel on the title of this blog.

It was a major speech -- at least that was my intent. Whether that was the audience's reaction, I have no certainty of knowing, but at the end, during Q...

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She's Stupid, and She's a Liar

(4) Comments | Posted February 6, 2014 | 4:48 PM

That is what Chris Christie called Bridget Anne Kelly, his former deputy chief of staff; that is what he called Ms. Kelly in a nationally televised press conference, when the governor sought to prove he had no knowledge that over four days there had been lane closures on...

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In the Matter of A-Rod

(0) Comments | Posted January 29, 2014 | 3:56 PM

When Alex Rodriquez was playing for the Seattle Mariners, I was the guest preacher one summer at the First Presbyterian Church of Spokane, Washington.

The title of my sermon that Sunday, "The Most Difficult Thing You Will Ever Do."

And the most difficult thing...

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Vice President to President in 2016?

(0) Comments | Posted January 6, 2014 | 6:53 AM

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., while United States Senator from Delaware, was a guest of The City Club of San Diego 15 times. Few public speakers are better. None more personable.

The Vice President is Catholic, but on one of his visits he asked if he could join our...

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