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Soccer Games and the Surge

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All three candidates are flawed but they are not alone. Yesterday our president announced in his latest barrage of bullshit that our top general told him the surge is working because in a helicopter flight over Bagdhad 15 months ago the top general did not see one soccer game being played but just the other day he looked out of helicopter and "COUNTED 180 Soccer Games being played..."

A General COUNTED 180 games being played? No one told him about it . He said he saw it and he counted it .

President Bush quoted the General, I heard him say it. He said that one of our generals actually has time to lean out of a Helicopter in flight and COUNT 180 games in progress?? Bring me my shovel.

Is this just another lie or did President Bush "misspeak?"

Hillary's snipers and Obama's church attendance sound a lot less damning than this announcement today on live television from our President reading from a prepared speech creating yet another lie TO CHANGE PUBLIC OPINION,,,,,

His was a lie meant to deceive but we are just so used to it from him that it went by unnoticed?