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Carticipate iPhone Mobile Social Network Ride Sharing Application

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For your next automobile ride, will you meet the call to join in and Carticipate?

Carticipate is the first location-based mobile social network application for ride sharing, ride combining, and car pooling on a mobile platform -- specifically, the iPhone. The download is free and allows users to indicate where they are going and when, broadcast this information, and allow others in the same area (with iPhones) going in the same direction to find each other. Any tech that conserves resources to lessen environmental impacts while also connecting people is what we call way susty. Launched only a few weeks ago, Carticipate is currently limited by the small number of people who have signed up. However, if a critical mass of travelers join the network, Carticipate holds the promise of becoming the "Craigslist of carpooling." Pile into this virtual clown car for a video test-drive here.

The application is currently geared for those who want to ride share or carpool dynamically within their own small groups, friends or family since the number of people on the network is still limited.

The price of gasoline is changing behavior where carticipating is becoming a necessity for an increasing number of people. Ride sharing and car pooling has been, up to this point, opportunistic since it isn't practical to call or email several people every time one wants to share a ride, especially on short notice. Location-based smart phones and social networks are colliding with a rise in fuel prices driving the carticipation model where social transportation will compliment and augment public transportation.

car·tic·i·pate (cär·tĭs´ĕ·pāt˝) v. car·tic·i·pat·ed, car·tic·i·pat·ing, car·tic·i·pates
1. To take part in ride share via social mobile web based application: carticipated in the drive to work.
2. To share in car pool: If only I could carticipate in your daily trip. Archaic To cartake of.

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