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'The Parent Review' Free Newsletter In Sync With Baby's Timeline

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While pregnant with twins, my wife discovered this amazingly helpful FREE, weekly email newsletter. Having two babies born at once actually streamlines the process, it's having two simultaneous babies eating, crying and pooping et al that gets trying. It does take a village, and the virtual set of hands provided by TPR is most welcome.

How The Parent Review Newsletter works
Any time is the perfect time to sign up because you are asked to enter the number of weeks you are pregnant or the age in weeks of your child. Voila! Each week delivered seamlessly and greenishly to your inbox comes an easy-to-read and comprehend set of tips -- and just when you need them. The experience is often as if you suddenly found yourself in need of some specialist lug-wrench or another and equally out of the blue a mechanic were to materialize to provide you with the perfect tool for the job.

Example: approx four-months in, those little opposable thumbs are pinching and gripping. Well, the reality of our extended dimensions is such that gravity does not cease on behalf of the new parent. Rather, baby (babies!) will drop objects which said parent will then need to pick up. And pick up. And pick up over and over again. I literally had to do this for my son over a period of ten minutes no less than forty times. Had I not been privy to the insight that this simply is the natural way babies develop their cognitive ability to understand cause and effect, I might have lost my own sh-- let's just say it is we that parents who are obliged to change the diapers and not the other way around. So happy I engaged my son without wasting an iota of energy of being frustrated or worrying that there was something wrong with the little monkey. The phrase that rings in mind: all in good time. All in good time.

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