05/13/2008 10:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary's Desperation

I sent what follows to the columnists of the Washington Post--Richard Cohen, Harold Meyerson, David Broder, E. J. Dionne, David Ignatius, Eugene Robinson, and Colbert King, George Will, Anne Applebaum and Ruth Marcus (no use fiddling with Gerson and Novak), editorial page editor, Fred Hiatt, and the Post Ombudsman on Sunday. So far, no response. Since I sent this, Maureen Dowd did break the color line, slapping Hillary for the comment in her Sunday New York Times column.

I think it amazing and appalling that Hillary's amazing and appalling "hard-working Americans, white Americans" comment has received so little attention in the Post. Indeed, in the MSM generally. The only MSM reactions I've seen were from Eugene Robinson in the Post, Bob Herbert in the NYTimes, and Derrick Jackson in the Boston Globe. All black guys. You white guys on this list were all over the Jeremiah Wright thing--too much, actually, as was most of the MSM. Is that because Wright and Obama are black? And is the neglect of Hillary's Southern Strategy--she actually outdid Nixon with her comment--because she is white? Hmmm.