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Gerard Senehi
Gerard Senehi is a world-renowned mentalist and cultural change agent with a passion for expanding our notions of what’s possible. As a mentalist, performing seemingly impossible feats, he inspires audiences to expand what they consider possible. His work has earned the admiration of world leaders, celebrities, and Fortune 500 CEOs, as well as the national and international media. As a cultural change agent, Senehi is the Founder of the Open Future Institute, a newly-founded non-profit organization which supports the evolution of culture.

Senehi lives in New York City with his wife, Francesca Rusciani, where he regularly convenes a cross-section of the city’s brightest minds in “Evolutionary Salons” to explore questions of human purpose and potential.

Entries by Gerard Senehi

Creating Outlets for Humanity: A Vision for Education

(1) Comments | Posted February 13, 2016 | 3:41 PM

"No one knows who we are," one of the students said. We were huddled up in the living room of our one-bedroom apartment with 10 high school students from a public high school in the South Bronx. They were in the middle of a summer internship with us, taking a...

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The Evolution of Freedom

(2) Comments | Posted July 15, 2013 | 10:54 AM

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said: "Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility."

Dear Eleanor, did you really mean responsibility? Doesn't freedom mean that I am no longer told what to do, how to think and whom to be? That I can finally choose for...

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The Evolution of Agency

(6) Comments | Posted April 26, 2013 | 8:05 PM

The Evolution of Agency

"Man is not fully conditioned and determined but rather determines himself whether he gives in to conditions or stands up to them. In other words, man is ultimately self-determining."
-- Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

My wife and I went to visit dear...

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Evolution and Culture

(20) Comments | Posted February 15, 2013 | 1:57 PM

"Evolution is a light illuminating all facts, a curve that all lines must follow." -- Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man

The word evolution is popping up everywhere these days. We hear of businesses evolving, cars evolving, thinking evolving, consciousness evolving. I even heard a fitness trainer telling an...

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