02/24/2014 04:35 pm ET Updated Apr 26, 2014

The Italian Book Club Is Looking for the Next William Shakespeare

The fourteen-month-old Italian Book Club puts a new face on the familiar vision of several friends sitting around the living room talking about the latest book they have read. The Italian Book Club has moved online. It is a growing community where people discuss books via the Internet. They have succeeded in personalizing the reader buyer experience and each month, members will read a book, watch author interviews and read reviews.

The Italian Book Club was founded by a distinguished Italian surgeon, involved in daily life and death emergencies, who relies upon his love of books to help him survive his job.
Dr. Federico Conforto is a Consultant in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care at H.S. Camillo Forlanini, Rome, Italy. He specializes in thoracic surgery, ORL and eyes surgery, and emergency care. He is also President of the Italian Book Club.

Dr. Conforto says he was inspired to start the Italian Book Club because, "I firmly believe books influence the mind over reality. I believe we are changing our ethnicity in this century and we can discover our roots through books".

As part of their progressive vision to unearth, foster and nurture new talent in promising authors, The Italian Book Club is gearing up for their impending book launch, to be hosted after they complete the process of interviewing and reviewing books from five authors from various parts of the world.

"We are looking for the next Shakespeare," as is rightfully put by the custodians of The Italian Book Club, going on to proudly recite one of their favorite sayings, "Books will never die!"

Testimony to this statement, of the lifecycle of books nowhere near its end, is the sheer numbers added to the growing online community that is The Italian Book Club. Book lovers who simply love the feel of a physical book in their hands, accompanied by the lasting impression the experience of flipping each page leaves, read a book each month and watch associated video interviews through their invites to participate in the reviews of those books. "Books are a bridge between cultures", said Dr. Frederico Conforto, who drew on his inspiration of the culture surrounding books to start the growing online community for people to discuss books.

A few of the authors and their books currently featured on the Italian Book Club are: Wilber Smith and Vendetta Di Sangue, Ivana Chubbuck and The Power of the Actor, Catherine Dunne and The Things We Know Now, Philippe Leroy and Profumi, Donato Carisi and L'Ipotesi Del Male, Giancarlo Capaldo and Roma Mafiosa and Giuliana Covella and L'uomo Nero Ha Gli Occhi Azurri.

When asked about the influence of e-Books on today's readers, Dr. Conforto said he feels e-books are handy for making it possible to enjoy reading anywhere, but one of the key pleasures one gets from reading is derived from actually feeling the book. This helps the imagination move into the world of the story being told.

The five authors whose books are going to be launched in Rome in March are from Zimbabwe, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and the United States, a move which Dr. Conforto believes will contribute to the preservation of the different cultures of the world, while opening up communication channels for people of different cultures to learn from each other and gain more insight about the intriguing differences in each of their cultures. This is essentially The Italian Book Club's way of restoring and promoting the exploration of people's cultural roots, after which process those roots can be shared with people from other cultures. All of this is very quickly being achieved through the common interest of different cultures in an age-old information sharing medium -- the book!

The much-anticipated launch to be hosted by The Italian Book Club is sure to continue unearthing some of the world's best writing talents, just waiting to be discovered. They are now part of Oprah's Book Club and are beginning to move beyond Rome and London into other cities.

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