07/16/2012 06:42 am ET | Updated Sep 15, 2012

When You Move, You Breathe. Just Like That!

Our breath is the catalyst for all the systems of the body. So why don't we pay close attention to the most vital action in our lives? We understand the need to breathe, but do we really understand the need to breathe?

Take a minute now as you read these words to do it. Inhale fully, and then exhale deeply; breath is what creates the space within. When I wake up and take that first morning stretch, I put my whole body into it. It's astounding how committed we are to the frivolous things in life while forgetting the commitment we have to ourselves.

At the first sign of life, a newborn becomes animated because of it. Our first love takes it away. In ecstasy we lose it. And, at the closing of our biggest deal, we tend to hold it

When I lose a thought, a simple inhale gives me the momentum to create a new one. It is the breath that rides through our nostrils, nourishing our bodies on a cellular level. And, it's how we breathe, that determines if we are creating health or havoc. The physiological importance of breathing involves all of our systems and all our attention.

How Do We Breathe?

Inhale through the nose or mouth fully and effectively then, into the lungs. Now place one hand on your heart, the other on your belly, and go inside. Yes, go inside. Hear yourself breathe and be present. Allow yourself to breathe fully through your abdomen, not your chest.

The chest raises, the rib cage expands and the abdomen fills with air. How full of ourselves are we -- be full of yourself. How many times are you given permission to do that -- to be full of yourself? Full of the life-sustaining, energy-generating, simply cellular, purely powerful prana that is our life force?

Bask in what at this point in time is free -- the air we breathe. Take the breath in fully, allowing your exhale to be longer, ridding yourself of deep-rooted toxins. This is a vital cleansing process. Imagine an act as simple as breathing that vibrates a connection to activate and heal all your body systems. This is not a shallow breath or a stagnant one. The importance of a cleansing breath is the intention and attention placed on it.

So, as you're running to that next meeting, trying to make that plane, forgetting that special occasion or just feeling overwhelmed, breathe and know I am breathing with you.


Holistic medicine is the integration of the body, mind and spirit, helping to assess the health status of each individual to achieve optimal health. Holistic lifestyles help to maintain cleanliness throughout the body with exercise, food and building order in our daily routines. To keep order, we breathe to live! Every day we consume not just oxygen but also food and thought. Through yoga, the breath controls the connection between our physical and spiritual, making this exercise much different than others channeling energy with each breath.

Conscious, healthy eating is very important for keeping good air circulation in the body. Knowing the right types of foods to avoid is a key element to a holistic lifestyle.

Intake of supplements, vitamins and what we drink are as crucial as the air we breathe. How to pick, prepare, and preserve are just a few nutritional controls gained from living holistically. The consumption is all-natural and unprocessed, helping our bodies to create energy from the nutrients in the food. Information is important to maximize your health, enabling psychological growth and mastering physical controls. These are great ways to enhance your diet and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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