Going to Texas: Expanding our Netroots Nation

11/15/2007 01:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

(Netroots Nation is the convention and organization formerly known as YearlyKos)

The face of progressive politics is changing. Regular people have taken it on as their civic duty to become activists, and citizen journalists, and even run for office. The trend toward more decentralized, people-powered politics and media is accelerating, and at Netroots Nation, we are doing our part to focus that trend on creating a more progressive America.

But to do that, we need to raise the bar even higher than we have before. We have to reach out to other blogospheres and communities, progressive organizations big and small, and, as always, more individuals who have found themselves disaffected by politics as usual.

That is also why we are thrilled to partner with BlogHer and feature a real-time virtual panel in conjunction with their San Francisco conference the same weekend.

BlogHer is a terrific community of -- you guessed it -- women bloggers. Although politics is only one of many topics their bloggers focus on, BlogHer is a community growing in influence and purpose, much like Netroots Nation. We're excited for our two communities -- the preeminent online progressive conference and the preeminent women bloggers conference -- to meet and work together.

This is just the beginning. We will be announcing the details of this panel, along with other exciting partnerships, including programs involving state level blogospheres, soon. Register before the end of November at a reduced rate. And as always, visit for updates or to send us your suggestions.