11/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Palin and the Pinocchio Effect!

The Palin saga took yet another shocking turn on the stump and by all accounts, she seems to have succumbed to the Pinocchio effect -- with just a week out before election day, she's cutting her strings from the RNC under the delusion that she is real. Truly, she is like a Disney movie gone wrong. If McCain is her Gepetto, he must be looking for another hot match to fire things up, but this time he's a bit too late and this fire is out of control -- his smoldering creation beat him to the punch and she is taking him down in a towering inferno.

McCain's perfectly perky and pretty production has twisted from a pathetic puppet show into a classic horror movie; she's morphed into the Bride of Frankenstein -- with just one week to go, the once popular, propped up, programmed and poorly vetted pin-up of a VP choice, has gone from supposed maverick maven to monster who cannot be controlled.

Palin, out on the stump, has shown she's drunk the Kool Aid -- I've always marveled at her stunning self confidence given her realities; you see this distortion in Hollywood with the famous everyday, but to see it on the national stage in such a critical election and moment in history, it's just staggering. What makes it so delicious is that Palin doesn't see herself a puppet--and actually believes her creators who thrust her on the world stage out of obscurity are to blame for carving the wrong image of her and with just days to go before voting day, she's going off script and snipping the ties.

It's a Disney turned horror, turned science fiction flick, where the chick goes berserk. You program the computer until she gets enough data and starts running the show. The inmate is running the asylum. It's so unfathomably juicy, it's Palin painful to watch. The cringe meter is in the red zone. Hands writhing together, many of us Obama devotees just cant' believe our fine fortune with just days left to voting day. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction here but one thing is clear the adventures of the Palin puppet turning on her creators has no place on the national stage at this critical juncture.

It is just so revealing of her deep incompetence and if nothing else this affirms pay back is indeed a bitch, literally for those who anointed her so rapidly without proper vetting. And it is certainly representative of the impulsive McCain who should have thought past a headline choice to counter the Clinton craze for a woman and made a wiser more adult choice befitting a President.

I can't imagine what McCain is thinking. The betrayal so close to the finish is mind numbing. He spent so much time this campaign defending Palin with those tried and true Bush tactics that proved if you say something enough the public will buy it like 'weapons of mass destruction.' But this time no matter how many times Mccain propped up Palin as the best and brightest, it was too far fetched to stick and it's taking him down in the eleventh hour just as it should. It was the most irresponsible choice to have made and her fifteen minutes are thankfully about to come to an end or should. Only thing is, she obviously doesn't know it.

How is it possible that out on the stump she shockingly broke rank with her party, who carved her out of nothing, to accuse them of holding her back from the press? She doesn't get it. I can just hear her saying, 'But I can see Russia from my window.'

Her handlers from the RNC are incredulous! They can't believe their little miss sunshine has turned into a dark cloud just now. They're even boldly admitting they tried to shield her from herself and the public because she wasn't ready--this after saying weeks ago she was the finest of the finest VP choices available. Pay back is indeed a bitch.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Caribou cutie, taking the lead from that blond bozo on the View, dredged up the wardrobe controversy yet again when introducing her at a recent rally, calling the media's focus on Palin's new 150 thousand dollar wardrobe, 'sexist.'

Palin took the bait and broke from her carefully prepped speech and pounced on the party and boldly outed the RNC for making her wear those tarnished designer duds!

She's just a simple gal who prefers modest igloo fashions from Anchorage consignment shops, as if to say, I'm not the Devil in prada!

Her clear message; "they" dressed this Caribou Barbie -- it's not me! I'm giving these duds back!' Then Painful Palin astoundingly lumped her wardrobe into a list of props she said the party buys or rents to create the look and image necessary, like lights and stages -- all the image making necessities to create facade go back to where they came from when the party's over.

Are there not still days to go before we go to the polls? Is she nuts? Are they? Has the McCain camp totally unraveled? God knows what's cooking in that pot in these last critical days, but one thing is for sure, whatever is brewing there is boiling over when it surely shouldn't. If this is any indication of what a McCain presidency would look like and even more frightening what a possible Palin presidency might, we better hope the Democrats take nothing for granted and turn out in record numbers to avoid any close call or unfathomable upset.

What is most painful here is the ugly insight into the real Palin personality. If nothing else, she should be stringently loyal to McCain and her team and instead is exposing her delusional sense of self and ability and an easier facility to betray.

Palin is clearly sensing a loss at hand and making her bold move to distance herself now from the messy McCain machine and the losing party. After all, tout the pundits, she is the most popular person in the Republican party today, which says a lot, and she sees her future in 2012, so she's clearly breaking rank to save her own ass while having no issues making an ass out of McCain.

I can't imagine what is going on in McCain's head right now, but one thing is for sure, his little stick of dynamite that energized the party and his campaign for a flash, is blowing up in his face and clearly the party is near over. Maverick or mad, this missy is messing with the movie written for her and Gepetto must hacking his chopping block about now with ferocity.
While McCain should be a unified ticket fighting the fight of his political life, there is not only searing dissent bubbling up from his camp and fingers of blame being pointed everywhere, McCain's little pride of the party seems to be saying, 'thanks, but no thanks to another bridge to no where.

And this Obama mama, while taking nothing for granted and will be out there pushing for a huge record voter turn out, is loving every painful Palin plot twist.