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Shameful Political Tactics Hidden by a Smile and a Wink

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The stepped up attacks by painful Palin against Barack Obama, are so offensive and shameful. Sadly, she's just too darn dumb to be embarrassed by being used as the dim-witted mouth piece by McCain's desperate spinsters.

It's assaulting not just because of their desperate grasping for any blight or stain they can conger up at this eleventh hour, but unseemly in the obvious attempt to tear down Obama with blatant distortions and lies at all costs, to slow his ascent, instead of banging hard on issues and ideas of their own to dig out of their hole.

Senator Obama said it best -- these are the desperate attempts by those who are out of touch, out of ideas and out of time.

The only saving grace is that the tactics are so desperate, there is no way even the dumbest of the electorate will buy into Palin's mudslinging, even when she delivers the dirt with that now trademark smug smirk. I loved that she was able to muster up reading the New York Times as a link to reading about Obama at 7-years-old befriending a domestic terrorist. Finally being able to site a newspaper is progress but there is a difference between reading and understanding, and clearly she doesn't have a clue.

What I find most excruciatingly cringing about Palin is her astounding over confidence or all out delusion about who she thinks she is or who she's trying to sell to the nation when she's questioning who the real Barack Obama is.

There is nothing worse or more maddening than a confident idiot who has no clue the damage she is doing to the political process, to this election, to women all the world over.

Intellectually, it should and does make sane people laugh out loud and revel in the career it's given Tina fey who does Palin better than Palin. But I hate that she gets to me and I am angry that I let her do so.

I am angry that even though I know better and see through the tactics of idiocy, that she gets under my skin and has gotten under the nation's with that folksy now branded winky dink of good ol' girl.

It drives a knife into the very core of my being -- into the very hope and promise I feel for this country. She represents the worst of politics, the worst of deceit and the hypocrisy that has come to define the past eight years in Washington. There is nothing maverick about this maiden voyage on the national stage. Only the packaging seems a novelty but it's really just another wolf in sheep clothing.

I loathe the lack of integrity, the selling of the soul for victory at all costs and I despise the blatant tearing down with lies in a desperate scrambling for traction.

And just when I think the whole world feels the same way, I go to my dentists and he is giggling about Palin and her idiocy but then jokes with a co-worker how nice her legs were during the debate.

It grabs my gullet to realize even savvy smart folks are taken with gamms even though attached to a pretty puppet whose strings might be pulled to be our commander-in-chief at this critical moment in history.

The DOW plunged 800 yesterday, people are losing jobs right and left and their homes and boy does that VP candidate from Alaska have great legs.

I think so highly of Obama and the way he has handled his campaign with such dignity that the juxtaposition of light and darkness just is blinding.

McCain and Palin have come out swinging in the final stretch and tonight's debate promises to be heated according to press. McCain will do all he can to try and slow the freight train of change that Obama is leading the way on and it appears he has given up on promoting his own ideas for change and resorting to attack mode to gain some ground.

Obama is too smart.

Too smart to play in Palin's mud puddle and way too smart lower himself to the level of Mccain's attacks tonight.

He will win as he always has, by raising the bar, by elevating the playing field and being always fueled by his convictions for change and the ideas that promise it.

Tonight's debate is critical. We have to watch out for being hoodwinked by false attacks and keep our eye on the prize and look for real ideas and ideals, and the leaders that promise it as opposed to one liners and winky dinks to the middle class.