08/17/2007 05:05 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Confessions of a News-Avoider

My sincerest apologies for not writing last week. I was busy working on a few projects. I also got caught up in spending one of the last few weeks of summer enjoying the sun (as most of you will agree, sitting in front of the ocean sure beats sitting in front a computer screen). During my week off I did take time to read the fantastic blogs of my fellow Huffington Post writers and I must admit, I felt a wee self-conscious. As a well-educated gal who truly cares about humanity I really wish I could join the ranks of other Huffington Post bloggers that so eloquently and intelligently discuss foreign policies and congressional bills. I mean, I watch the news and read the paper. I make an effort to keep myself politically aware. I always vote. But my forte is not writing a politically charged dissertation on why the war is a good or bad idea. My forte is writing about whether or not doing keg-stands in your late twenties is a good idea (in case you are wondering, I think it is, as long as you're not a chick in a skirt and your at your boyfriends bosses conservative holiday party).

For those of you who actively read my blog you've probably already noticed the above fact. And some of you really enjoy my blog posts for their light look at the silliness of life, while some of you think I'm an obnoxious asshole and clearly don't grasp my sarcasm. Regardless, my voice is a very familiar voice in our society, it's the voice of those of us who care about the world but can't wrap our heads around it works well enough to discuss it, so we are left to explore topics such as cheesy bargain shopping, reality television, and narcissism.

Quite simply, I get really bummed out by the news. For example I tried to watch CNN the other day only to see that John Mark Karr is still on TV being interviewed for possibly being a murderer, I was horrified. I mean, suspected child-killers are being fed fancy treats in the CNN green room while an estimated 100 million people worldwide are homeless and hungry? This is why I quickly changed the channel to Vh1 and drowned my sorrows in another episode of Hogan Knows Best. Ignorance may not be responsible, but it really is bliss.

I often envy my mom. She is an adorable Italian immigrant housewife. While her English is pretty good she doesn't always comprehend the severity of what's coming out of Peter Jennings mouth. She doesn't use the Internet or own a computer. She doesn't get too heated about anything worldly except for who wins or looses Dancing with the Stars. Every month she sends money to her favorite charity in Italy. Every week she visits her parents grave and prays not only for herself and her family but also for all those suffering in the world. Everytime she goes outs she returns with a tale of a random act of kindness like how she grabbed something off the top shelf for a struggling old woman at the super market or she informed a stranger that they had toilet paper attached to their shoe. For the most part, my mom lives a fairly simple life. A compassionate, concerned yet simple life. No political debates, no calls to action, she's nice a nice caring lady who's sweet actions hopefully inspire others to act similarly.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this blog post is. I spent two hours perusing the Yahoo headlines for some writing inspiration. At first I was going to write about Brittney's latest career sabotaging actions but I just don't really care anymore. Then I started to write about how I've been drinking too much lately and I'm feeling like as I get closer and closer to 30 I am acting more and more like I'm 18 but I'll save that one for my therapist. So I decided to share a little stream on consciousness about my inner battle between awareness and avoidance. I hope that those of you who are like me, feel a little bit better knowing you are not alone in your ignorance guilt. Hey, some of us are good at talking about the affairs of state and some of us are good at talking about affairs gossiped about on Entertainment Tonight.

So rather than beat myself up again for not being able to make it even half-way thru today's New York Times, I'm going to go out and do things like holding the door open for strangers and remembering to say thank you to whomever holds my legs during my next keg-stand.