Don't Think of a Sick Child

05/25/2011 12:15 pm ET

George Bush doesn't want you to think about sick children. He wants you thinking about the fine print of health insurance policies. He wants us to debate types of coverage, premiums and the size of networks, and whether we can afford catastrophic, comprehensive, limited, mini-med or scheduled health insurance. But George Bush doesn't want you thinking about all the sick children left behind in America. And insurance companies don't want you thinking about all the children who they won't help, just so they can maximize profits.

Senior fellows at the Rockridge Institute, including cognitive linguist George Lakoff, author of the best-selling Don't Think of an Elephant, have joined together to examine the hidden truths in our raging national debate over health care. And to bring the new report, "The Logic of the Health Care Debate" to life, the Rockridge Institute has produced a video spot that dramatizes the way in which our current health care system is based on excluding part of the American family -- concluding with the provocative question: "Which one of your children would you leave unprotected?"

The video, written by Rockridge senior fellow Glenn W. Smith and produced by Margie Becker of Austin, TX, as well as the new report, and other resources to help us fix health care in America can be found online at You can also sign up to be notified of new developments in this campaign and ways that you can participate.