"Island Life" From Bali to Quebec

08/01/2013 07:31 am 07:31:08 | Updated Oct 01, 2013

Most people hear the phrase "island life" and think of beach lounging, umbrella-drink sipping, and ocean dipping. That's certainly the case on many tropical islands, but not all islands share the same atmosphere. Some islands feature volcanoes, frozen lakes, or apple orchards. It seems there is one common thread, though: Island dwellers believe islands to be very special places. They can be places where everyone knows each other, local businesses thrive, and an emphasis is placed on communing with your neighbors and living with the environment instead of against it. There is a sense of community on an island, whether it's felt in an early morning surf or snowed-in story-telling around a fireplace.

Global Yodel sought out locals from eight islands around the world to find out what "island life" means to them. Scroll through the photo gallery to see (and hear) stories from islands on all corners of the globe.

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Island Life