03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top Ten Outrageous Sarah Palin Stories Oprah Will Have To Address

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As reported yesterday, Sarah Palin will make her Oprah debut on November 16, one day before her already best-selling book Going Rogue is released to the public. We, also noted yesterday that the lack of Oprah's presence during the 2008 political season (she removed herself after publicly declaring support for Barack Obama) was particularly felt after Sarah Palin entered the race and it became clear she was perhaps not equipped for the role of vice president. That said, it's clear that Palin is hoping to relaunch her political career with the release of her memoir this November so no time like the present!

Palin has done only a handful of interviews since she and McCain lost the election last November, most recently appearing on the Today show in June with Matt Lauer to respond to David Letterman's late night joke about her daughter. But it's been a while since she's been on the hot seat (read: Katie Couric) and there's certainly plenty to talk about! In an effort to help Oprah prepare for her interview we've compiled a top ten list of of outrageous questions about Sarah Palin that will need to be addressed.

Baby Daddy Levi In The Centerfold

2009-10-21-levijohnstonshirtless.jpg1. Oh Levi. In the last few months, while Sarah Palin was locked away furiously writing her memoir, Levi Johnston, father to Palin's grandson Trip, has been enjoying most of the Palin spotlight. Johnston has taken his 15 minutes of fame as an opportunity to bare all: first in a long piece in October's Vanity Fair and now, in the more literal sense of bare, as an upcoming Playgirl centerfold (maybe).

Who's Your Mommy: Palin and the Trig Birthers

2. Calling Andrew Sullivan and the Sarah Palin birthers! Ever since Palin stepped into the national spotlight in August 2008 there has been persistent speculation as to whether she is truly the mother of her youngest son Trig or whether the baby actually belongs her daughter Bristol and Palin's merely claimed to be his parent as some sort of cover-up. Levi hit on the sensitive subject again in his first-person VF piece. It remains to be seen if Palin mentions it in her memoir, but if she's considering another run for public office it's absolutely fair game for Oprah. Below, a typical birther vid.

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