Top European Tours 2015: Where to Go Now

07/28/2014 02:51 pm ET | Updated Sep 27, 2014
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With 2015 fast approaching, we're vowing to make it one of our best travel years yet. But with so many exciting places to visit, it can be hard to pinpoint the next destination. Our advice? Find a tour that gives you the opportunity to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time -- then make sure it stops at one of these up-and-coming destinations.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is a cultural melting pot of art, architecture and cuisine, resulting in a city that's vibrant and exciting at any time of day. Whether you're there for the tapas or Antoni Gaudí's many masterpieces, Barcelona has something to please every type of traveler.
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Galway, Ireland
This quaint Irish city is nothing short of lively and is the perfect complement to a stop in Dublin. Known for its small-town feel and traditional music scene, there are plenty of opportunities to get a taste of the local culture by mingling with the locals over a pint in a pub.
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Bergen, Norway
Norway is renowned for sparkling waterfalls and awe-inspiring fjords. The country's second-largest city, Bergen, is also the place to explore the great outdoors and see a number of these fantastic sights up close.
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Sorrento, Italy
While the Amalfi Coast has always been a traveler favorite, Sorrento in particular offers a charm unlike any other. From the brightly colored houses perched atop sea cliffs to the hand-painted pottery and fragrant lemon trees, a visit to Sorrento indulges all the senses.
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Bruges, Belgium
Known as the "Venice of the north," Bruges is exactly what you imagine when you think of Europe. With charming architecture, a network of canals and the feel of a medieval city, Bruges is easy to fall in love with. It (almost) makes you forget the busy and bustling Brussels nearby.
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What destinations are on your must-visit list for next year? Let us know in the comments!