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Tom Casano

20 Meditation Tips for Beginners

Tom Casano | July 4, 2015 | Healthy Living
As a guiding principle, whatever happens during your meditation session is okay. Meet your experience with kindness and gratitude, and your meditation session will be well worth it, no matter what happens.
Dragos Bratasanu

7 Steps to Create Giant Success and Live a Fulfilled Life in the Process

Dragos Bratasanu | July 3, 2015 | Healthy Living
There is a series of mental events that lead to massive success. Each event is the cause for another event. How can you apply this thinking to create authentic success, meaning and fulfillment in your life? Here's the countdown:
Chirag Kulkarni

Three Days in an Ashram, Five Lessons Learned

Chirag Kulkarni | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
Being through a transformative three days, here are five lessons I learned:
Donna Henes

United We Stand. Happy Interdependence Day!

Donna Henes | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
Recently I was asked to speak about the shamanic point of view of team building with an emphasis on creating alliances and community. But from a shamanic point of view it is redundant to think of reaching out to build teams, alliances and communities, as we are already all connected....
Omega Institute

Going Head-to-Head With Your Inner Enemy: Using 'The Tools' to Unlock Your Full Potential

Omega Institute | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
I have a saying that peace is an active state of mind. We're trying to combine the sense of peace with the necessity for constant work. Peace was often defined as something languid and laid back, a state where you can fold your tent up, stop making an effort, and stop being vigilant. That's not what peace is.
James Clear

40 Years of Stanford Research Found That People With This One Quality Are More Likely to Succeed

James Clear | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
You and I can do the same thing. We can train our ability to delay gratification, just like we can train our muscles in the gym. And you can do it in the same way as the child and the researcher: by promising something small and then delivering.
Ruby Fremon

Own Your Sh*t

Ruby Fremon | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
"I can't believe this is happening to me!" "What did I do to deserve this?" "Why do these things always happen to me?" "Why do people always treat me like this?" For many of us, this sounds familiar. The all-too-familiar victim mentality or, as I like to...
Graeme Blackman

In the Interest of Listening

Graeme Blackman | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
The truth is that often in our darkest times we are not even looking for feedback or advice, but rather someone to simply listen to us, empathize with our plight, and point us in the right direction. Sometimes all it takes is a really great listener to turn a life around.
Tracy Crossley

Why Mind Reading Is Detrimental to Your Relationship

Tracy Crossley | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
Figuring out our partner can give us a false sense of security, inevitably they'll do or say something unexpectedly, throwing our world into turmoil. Now, if we trust ourselves to handle whatever comes our way, we're in a state of good feeling -- even if the s**t hits the fan!
Lindsay Robin Christianson

3 Amazing Ways to Choose Love Over Fear

Lindsay Robin Christianson | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
Throughout time, poets, philosophers and psychologists have generally agreed that there are really only two emotions -- love and fear -- and everything else stems from these. Love is what we are born with, the sheer joy available in this present moment when...
Nora Oravecz

Four Tips From Tony Robbins to Handle Frustration

Nora Oravecz | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
Sometimes you imagine a life for yourself that, for no apparent reason, you think will make you happy. And when you've fulfilled the dream, the one you went through all the trials and tribulations for, somehow happiness fails to find you. Today, Tony Robbins will help to shed light on...
Cyndi Chen

Declare Your Independence: Why Quitting Isn't Losing

Cyndi Chen | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
If you quit when you need to, you're actually placing yourself closer to success.
Amanda Gore

A Real Holiday? Needs More Work!

Amanda Gore | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
How long is it since you had a holiday? A real one -- not just time off work. A time where you weren't looking after some family member, or spending obligatory time with the "family," or travellng with a difficult partner so you combined time away with heartbreak, or...
Thai Nguyen

The Art of Living With Integrity

Thai Nguyen | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
In a world bent toward instant gratification and "getting ahead," it's easy to forgo the commitment to act with integrity. But choosing to hold to your values and principles will bring you double-reward, adding the layer of meaning and inner-fulfillment to your external achievements.
Lorna Bright

4 Elements for Expressing True Freedom

Lorna Bright | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
If you take a deeper look at The Declaration of Independence you will find a template for expressing freedom in your life, whether it's freedom in your physical world -- like finances or health, freedom of mind, or emotional freedom. The first element is RECOGNITION. Basically, It's recognizing yourself....
Alex Kip

5 Ways to Trick Your Inner Critic

Alex Kip | July 2, 2015 | Healthy Living
Let's talk about the oppression of our minds. How our minds end up screwing everything up, when we don't want it to.
Maura Sweeney

Happiness and the Inner Voice of Destiny

Maura Sweeney | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
Obey your inner voice and follow your destiny "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." -- William Shakespeare You have a destiny. You may not have connected with it yet, but destiny has been with you...
Pythia Peay

Reflections on the Soul of Washington, DC: An Interview With Thomas Moore

Pythia Peay | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
On July 4th the nation will celebrate its 239th Independence Day. Around the country citizens will celebrate with fireworks and barbeques, vacation getaways, and more somber ceremonies to honor the nation's veterans. But Independence Day is important in another way: as a time to contemplate the deeper meaning of America....
Christian de la Huerta

Freedom Is in the Air

Christian de la Huerta | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
Freedom is in the air. Most of us are still reeling in disbelief, some in dismay and some in jubilation, from the Supreme Court's rulings on marriage last week. Whatever our feelings, millions of people are suddenly free to take on the rights and responsibilities of that institution. Also hard...
Miriam Ava

DISPATCH: Becoming Aware With Lisa Garr

Miriam Ava | July 2, 2015 | GPS for the Soul
In NYC to share her book, Becoming Aware: How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize Your Life, Lisa Garr recently offered her story, insight, and inspiration on how to live your best life at a truly experiential workshop hosted by Rose Caiola of...
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