04/17/2009 07:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

CarSharing 2.0: Give Us Many Transportation Options (Please!)

Zipcar is such a brilliant concept. You reserve a car only when you need it, find one near you, and driving away is as easy as a swipe to the windshield. I'd like to see Zipcar and other car sharing services provide more types of transportation, designed to fit different needs at different costs.

zipcar mini photo

Photo: Via Zipcar.

Say a multimodal approach to personal transport, so you can reserve everything from a folding bicycle to an electric bicycle to an electric golf cart to a small car to a medium car to a large car card zipcar phototo a van to a moving truck. And hybrid or running on biodiesel, naturally.

Photo: Via Dallas News

Having easily-accessible transportation choices will allow us to mold our mode of transport to the task at hand. We pick the smallest vehicle that fits our needs -- and save money, hassle, and reduce emissions at the same time. Instead of one person jumping in a car to run an errand that is a few miles away, we could book an electric scooter, that is, if a bike doesn't do the job.

On a trip, this is especially helpful. We could easily pick up folding bikes or electric bikes bikes that are locked in a lot near our hotel. The system would be as easy as sending a text message or an email, and you won't have to worry about maintenance, or parking.

The goal for product service systems such as Zipcar is to create a service that is truly better than owning a product. At a certain point, it becomes a no-brainer...more options, less money and better for the environment. Let's hope that Zipcar and other car sharing companies are headed that way.

Do you find yourself using a big car or truck when something smaller would do the job? Would you book an electric bike or golf cart or folding bike to cut your carbon footprint? Comment below!

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