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Corporate Sales Training Adopts Virtual Sales Training

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Corporate sales training, mid-size and even small companies appear to be migrating to virtual sales training for their sales training needs. Virtual interactive sales training comes in many forms from animated reenactments to top name sales training professionals delivering actual training segments, even virtual interactive solutions to resolve specific situations and aid the sales person in making the sale. The sales training is delivered via a virtual network whereby the user(s) can access what they need, when they need it, from any computer by merely entering a user name and password.

Everyone agrees that training is critical, the question is how to deliver it, at what cost and how to get the sales people to use it. To ensure use the virtual sales trainer must provide the sales team with relevant content, delivered in very short segments that resolve real world selling situations. If this is missing it will not be utilized. "We surveyed thousands of sales people to determine how to build the architecture of our virtual sales trainer but also what content, what length and how the user wanted it delivered," Nik Olsen, Tech Development, Sales Training VT.

Virtual sales training compared to traditional training is more cost effective and proving to be more effective. (see Encyclopedia Brittanica article). Companies that continue to send their staff off site to schools and seminars and/or bring consultants in-house are adding virtual sales training to support the staff when the traditional training is over.

Virtual sales training is a way for me to provide my people with sales training and sales solutions after the consultant has left ensuring that the message is not lost the moment the consultant leaves. VP of Sales.

The challenge for companies today is to increase sales without increasing expenses! Airfares, hotels, meals and the likes add up and don't provide any training value. Virtual training allows for the trainer to bring the message to the user without incurring travel cost or missing customers. Corporate sales training is shifting to virtual training because of the cost effectiveness, accountability, testing and consistency features and are no longer intrigued with animation and simulation. Virtual sales training is a way to provide professional, motivating and relevant content that will not just train sales people but even assist them in making the sale. "We created a 'Quick Fix' module in our virtual trainer that allows for the sales person to literally access situations where Grant Cardone pops up in full motion-high quality video and provide the user with what he would do in a similar situation," Justin Le Vreir, Director of Sales, STVT. (salestrainingvt)

Our clients are shocked at how often their employees are using virtual sales training to not just train but assist them in the sale. This only increases use on the site and makes the virtual sales training as much an assistant as a training resource. Even companies that have us come in-house are demanding that our virtual sales training be left behind to support them when we are not there.

Going virtual isn't just a training solution it's like getting a HR person, sales manager, motivator and sales trainer all in one. The virtual trainer never gets sick, never has a bad attitude, never gets frustrated, and works 24/7 without charging overtime.

Corporate sales training is going virtual because: 1. It's cost effective, 2. unlimited numbers of people can be delivered sales training on their schedule, 3. complete accountability of usage, 4. provides consistent message, 5. offers solutions in real time to assist the sale. Corporate sales training is going with virtual sales training because unlimited numbers of people can be delivered training and motivation, even sales assistance in different parts of the world, cost effectively, when the sales person needs it.

Grant Cardone, Founder of Sales Training VT and Author of Sell to Survive