Eat Your Fears and Snuff Them Out

07/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fear is the single most disabling emotion a human being experiences. That one emotion that immobilizes people and ultimately causes them not to go for their goals and dreams. The reality is everyone has fear in life but it is what you do with that fear that matters. When you back off from those things you fear you will get burnt and your fears will grow and then that which you fear becomes a reality.

Commit to every action you take in your life all the way like a 'Super Freak' regardless of your fears and the world will come to know you as someone extraordinary. Every street corner in the world has mere freaks on them that are confused, fearful, apathetic, neurotic and getting nothing done. The world is short on people that go all the way despite their fears. These people hit 'Super Freak' status and are rewarded by the world because of the their commitment to go all the way. Most of the super successful were call crazy at one time. Ask 10 people this simple question, "Freak or super freak?" And I assure you regardless of their political views all ten will answer "Super Freak." Super Freak is defined- a person who takes excessive and/or extreme actions in order to create a certain effect or outcome and becomes super successful as a result. Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Wright Bros., Alexander Graham Bell, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, Elvis Presley, Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Simon Cowell, and the list goes on are ordinary people who did something extreme and thus became super successful. You may not like some of these people, but they did go all the way!

That is what it takes in life to make your dreams come true- a full commitment, super freak-like commitment, an 'all-in' way of living despite your fears. Commit fully to confronting the 'boogie-man' and you will find out he isn't much to fear.

grant cardone eating fire

If you have ever watched a person eat fire you will learn that the only trick to eating fire is to commit completely to swallowing the fire by putting your mouth completely around the stick and then keeping it closed until you exhaust all oxygen that the fire requires for its life. Pull away too early and oxygen refuels the fire and it will burn you. The same is true with fear! If you back off in the least you provide your fears with the oxygen required to keep it alive. Commit all the way and you snuff out your fears and can then win in life!

Eat your fears, don't feed them by backing off! Learn to use fear and look for it so you can overcome your fears and advance your life. Fear is the great indicator used by the successful that they are engaging on something that will pay off for them. Fear is the thing I use in my life that suggest I am growing and expanding. As William Shatner said before each Star Trek, "Boldly go where no man has gone before." It does not take money or luck to create a great life, it takes courage and action. Fear, like fire, is not something you should pull away from but something you should use to fuel the actions of your life!

Grant Cardone, Author and Motivational Speaker