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God Created Salespeople

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Salespeople are as vital to the survival of the economy and industry as food, water and oxygen is to the body! Sales people are critical to the success of new discoveries and progress of the world. An idea or movement,no matter how great, still requires a salesperson. Nothing happens until someone sells something to someone else.

God had to create salespeople because for anything good to happen someone has to sell another on that idea or it would never happen!

God created salespeople because
he knew nothing would happen without them.

God created salespeople because they are essential
to the creation and continuation of industries and economies.

God created salespeople to bring
people, villages and communities together.

God created salespeople as a way to get
goods, ideas and services exchanged.

God created salespeople so man could perfect the skills of
communication, persistence, follow through and belief in himself.

God created salespeople to teach man
the importance of a great attitude.

God created salespeople as a way to ensure
change, improvement, and progress in the world.

God created sales people because he was certain
the Devil would have his own team.

Grant Cardone, Author and Founder of Sales Training Virtual Technology