05/09/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sick of the Health Care Distraction

I am sick of the health care being used to distract Americans from the real problems with our country. Republicans and democrats alike are using health care to manipulate the American public, me and you. One side is jamming it down our throats and the other side doing everything it can to stop it even if it has merits. None of us have a clue of what we are getting or not getting because of all the politics. And all this is taking place while neither side is doing anything to improve the conditions for our country.

Is anyone else out there other than Jesse Ventura sick of politicians getting us to focus on what they want rather than what America needs? Why can't the problems in our country be approached on the basis of priority and greatest good, rather than politics? The people I talk to everyday are concerned with jobs, opportunities, increasing their incomes, saving money and reducing the country's debts more than health care. Is health care merely a 'red-herring' to distract each us from what our elected officials don't want us to focus on? Is it possible that 'professional' politicians are using health care so Americans take sides against one another, rather than joining together to no longer tolerate political incompetence from both sides?

I am SICK of the manipulation, the slight of hand and the incompetence of our politicians to handle our country's problems in a sane priority. I am sick of watching the republicans and democrats waste our money, make poor decisions, talk of ethics and not have any and break the very same promises that got them elected I am sick of watching these guys gather at congressional hearings to grill others on topics they know nothing about and just for the sake of the cameras. I don't need politicians handling Toyota's issues when they can't even put the brakes on their own state's spending. We should save these hearings politicians that break campaign promises and immediately remove him/her from office. If they prove unable to run their state with a surplus then immediately remove them from office and never allow them to run again.

Do I think everyone should be able to have health care? Yes that would be great? I would like it if every person had a safe and secure home to raise their children, but where is that initiative? How many of you think that every person in this country should eat three meals a day, when does that get handled? It seems fairly important that our children are able to read, write and count so they will be able to compete with the rest of the world but we continue to slide backwards with education. Owing trillions of dollars in debt to other countries can't be good for us and when do we say enough? The question is which one of these gets done first? If your house is burning down you don't concern yourself with what's for dinner. The health care debate is designed to distract us from those things that need to get done first and off of the incompetence that runs rampant with our elected officials.

Politicians I don't care if you are republican or democrat, left or right, liberal or conservative, white or black, male or female, gay or heterosexual- if you are going to hold office then tell me the truth about who you are, what you believe in and then do the right thing, and in the right priority to get our country back on track. I don't want more of the past! I don't want hope, I don't want division, and I don't want promises, I want solutions and I want leadership. I am sick of health care being used to turn me against my neighbor while politicians argue for the cameras and then later join together to eat, drink and make their sweetheart deals.

Grant Cardone, Author and CEO

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