04/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The 'Suze Ormans' are Wrong!

The 'Suze Ormans' are Wrong!
by Grant Cardone

With all the 'Suze Orman' frantic shouting of, "save every penny", Americans are being made to believe that their financial survival is based solely on what they can save. This is ridiculously incorrect and limited advice.

Your financial condition cannot improve by retreating and can only be improve by advancing your production lines.

Americans are being made to believe incorrectly that their financial survival is based only on saving because of the unprecedented commitment to doom and gloom scenarios and constant 24 hour a day screaming encouraging everyone to contract! Case in point: the first two months of 2009 the savings rate in this country went from under 1% to almost 6%, and yet Americans still have less! Your financial survival depends on a combination of both producing income and a savings plan-- not one or the other.

When you get fed up listening to the mass hysteria, contraction theories, and two minute sound bites on what to do then you will wake up to the fact that now is the time to get focused on the solution and what you can do, rather than focused on the problem and doing nothing.

Feeling sorry for yourself if you just lost your job won't get you a job. Crying about your investments going down in value won't make those investments go up in value. Waiting for the government to give you a tax break of $70 dollars per month won't repair your financial situation.

Now is the time for action, not inaction, and for expansion, not contraction. Periods of economic contractions can be incredible opportunities for those that take the right steps. The first thing to do is to decide that you are going to survive and prosper, not retreat in defeat. Second, know that it is up to you and no one else! Third, attack, conquer and seize market share in whatever you do. (The entire plan is discussed in the book Sell to Survive.)

If you have lost your job, get over the shock and don't waste your time with resumes, as no one is looking at them. Get in the job market, knock on doors and go sell someone on why you will be valuable to his/her company. Do not retreat by being enticed by extended unemployment checks, or you will find yourself less desirable in the job market when the economy returns.

If you planned on retiring this year get over your disappointment, accept that your plan didn't work, make immediate adjustments to your plan and get to work on it.

If you have lost money in the stock market, don't get out now. Re-access your portfolio by selling the stocks you don't like and buy the stocks of those companies you have always wanted to own.

If you run or own a company, pour on the marketing and promotion. Seize this opportunity to make your company's products and services better known, allowing you to advance and conquer market share while your competitor retreats and disappears.

Decide to survive and prosper! Decide to be part of the solution not part of the problem. Now is the time to expand, not contract, advance not retreat, do more not less, solve problems not be the problem! NEVER HANDLE A CONTRACTION WITH MORE CONTRACTION!

America is a country where "can-do", solution-oriented people that continue to advance with the right actions will be rewarded and those who don't will continue to be penalized.

Grant Cardone, Author of Sell to Survive.